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Whats new with vB 3.6.1

vB 3.6.1 brings many new improvements, features, and functionality with it. There are just way too many to list. However, we have listed a few of the more prominent features and enhancements below.

Whats new at PC Perspective

There really isn't a whole lot that is new with PC Perspective other than the upgrade to 3.6.1 and the new forums server (you can find a complete writeup of our new server here.). Other than the new modifications we have implemented, we did manage to apply a few of changes, which are listed below.


This is a complete list of modifications installed on these forums. Some will no doubt be familiar. You will also find that some of the familiar ones are changed slightly for better functionality and cosmetics. If you don't see a modification here that was on our 3.0.X version of vB, that generally means that the original coder of the modification hasnt ported it over to 3.6.X yet. Either that, or the modification was deemed not needed because of functionality in a different modification.

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