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New Modifications

Search for Posts in Thread by Username

This modification allows you to search a thread by username as well as keyword. Enter a thread, click on the "Search This Thread" dropdown menu, and enter the username you wish to search for in the appropriately marked form field.

*New* Show iTrader in Profile

This modification places your iTrader1 statistics in your user profile. This makes it very easy for traders to check the current trading stats of any member. Simply view any users member profile and the stats box will be shown there.

1 For more information on iTrader, refer to the Existing / Updated Modifications sections of this FAQ.

Thread Prefixes

We have added the ability to specify prefixes to your thread titles. Thread prefixes are enabled on a per forum basis and are controlled by the moderators of each forum. When a moderator adds specific thread prefixes, you will have the option to select from those prefixes when you create a new thread, or modify your thread title. Here is an example of a thread title using a prefix. This modification also adds the ability to search by prefix. Just scroll down to the Display Options at the bottom of the list of threads and use the drop down menu you find there.

Most users ever online

This modification adds a new line of stats in the "Whats Going On" box at the bottom of the forum home page. It basically splits the most ever users online into the most users ever online AND most guests ever online instead of grouping them all together.

Extra Profile Field Page

This modification allows us to group custom user profile fields, that relate to each other, and place them all on a seperate page for easier management. This is especially useful for our System Specs modification. You can find out more detailed info in the Existing / Updated Modifications section of this FAQ.

Existing / Updated Modifications

Most of the modifications you are already used to seeing on pcper have returned so I wont bother listing them all here. What you will find below is a list of existing modifications that have been changed or updated. If there is a modification that used to be on our forums, but you don't see it now, please contact The Wise One via PM or email.


iTrader is the same as our Trader Ratings System only updated to work with 3.6.1. It works pretty much the same as the Trader Ratings modification but some new features have been added to it which are detailed below:

  • iTrader Menu - There is a new menu in the navigation bar (where your user cp link is) that will get you anywhere you need to be in iTrader.
  • Find A Customer - Clicking this link in the iTrader options menu will do a search, within iTrader, for any user who has specified what they want to buy in Your Options (reachable through the iTrader drop down menu).
  • Find A Seller - Clicking this link in the iTrader options menu will do a search, within iTrader, for any user who has specified what they want to sell in Your Options (reachable through the iTrader drop down menu).
  • Your Options - This is where you specify what you want to buy and sell. Simply fill in the form fields, click submit, and you are all set.

My System Specs

This modification has changed and works with the Extra Profile Fields Page modification found in the New Modifications section of this FAQ. To enable your My System drop down menu, you still need to go into your user control panel and edit the setting found in USERCP / Edit Options / Thread Display Options / Display Your System Specs. Once you set this to yes, you will need to head into your Edit System Specs page to edit your system specs. This mod also splits up your specified system specs away from the default profile fields and groups them together, in their own section, of the user profile.

Search FAQ

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