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AJAX is a new system implemented in 3.5.X that allows for dynamic changes to various areas in the forums. Most of the AJAX functions you wont see or notice as they apply to moderation and administration of the forums. However, some AJAX functions are available for registered users. The biggest changes users will note (in relation to AJAX) is how thread titles and posts are edited.

Editing Thread Titles

The AJAX function for editing a thread title makes it extremely easy to do so. All you have to do is double click just to the right of a thread title that you created. The thread title will become an input form field. In this new form field, you can make any changes to your thread title. Once you finish editing your title, simply click anywhere outside of the form field and your thread title is edited. No page loads or refreshes! Of course you will still be able to edit your thread title by editing the first post in a thread you created. This method is slightly different though. Refer to the Editing A Post section below for more details.

Editing A Post

The AJAX function for this works automatically. All you have to do is click the button in any of your own posts. This will open a text area right in your post where you can edit any part of your post. The text area that is opened has basic formatting controls only. Alternately, you can edit your post the good ol fashioned way by simply clicking the Go Advanced button right below the text area, or you can click on the button again to take you to the full edit page.

Text Area Controls

First off, these controls work for all text areas where you input text. This includes replying to a post, creating a new post or thread, editing a post, PMs, etc. When viewing the text area, take note of the 4 different controls to the right of the editor toolbar. The first button is a spell checker (IE only). The second 2 buttons are double up and down arrows. You can use these to increase or decrease the text area size. The button to the right of the double arrows is used to switch between standard and wysiwyg editors. All without page loads or refreshing!

Plugins / Products

Plugins are chunks of code that the system runs, in various core files of vB, by way of hooks that are placed in many of the core files. These plugins are used to implement modifications to vB that would otherwise not be possible without editing the actual files (thus voiding warranty). Products are a combination of modifications (that use plugins). Products can contain and install multiple templates, phrases, plugins, etc. This makes installing modifications to vB so much easier for forum administrators. At this point, you may be saying to your self "So? what does this have to do with me?". Well...we'll tell you. What this means for you, the user, is we can now bring many modifications that benefit users and enhance your experience here that we normally wouldnt be able to do because of core file edits. This also makes updating/upgrading forum software so much easier and quicker, which means less down time! Also, Jelsoft (the creators of vBulletin) have implemented this system because they intend to release official supported products and add ons for vB. As of this time, we have no idea what kind of products or add ons they have in mind, but knowing Jelsoft, they will be extremely useful and cool. You can refer to our Installed Modifications section of this FAQ for a complete list of modifications and a description of each as well as how to use them.

Full Text Searching

There isn't much to tell with this. Full Text searching is another search method that was added to vB with the release of 3.5.X. At this time, we intend to stick with the current search methods. We are hoping that with the new server and server software, that our search issues will be resolved. If this ends up not resolving our problems, we have the full text searching method to fall back on. In either case, you should no longer find yourself staring at those annoying timeout, maximum memory used (or whatever) errors! woohoo!

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