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Visual Styles

A while ago, we ran a poll and discussion on what styles to keep when we upgraded to 3.6.X (you can find that discussion here.). The short of it is we had alot of styles. The number of styles we had made it very difficult for one person to maintain, keep updated, and modify. Even with the new template system that was introduced with 3.0.X, there were certain modifications (and regular updates) that needed to be applied to multiple styles. This made it very difficult to maintain all of the styles. Because of this, we removed some of the styles we had, based on the poll and discussion linked earlier in this paragraph. Below, you will find a list of the styles that were kept. Please note that to maintain the most efficient and easy ways to keep all of these styles updated and modified, some of you may note minor changes that were not present in the 3.0.X version of the style.
  • vB Default - This is the default style that was provided with vBulletin
  • Amdmb Flat Right
  • Amdmb Legacy
  • PCP Default - This is the current default style for the forums
  • PCP Default Right
  • Amdmb
  • Amdmb Right
There are a couple of things to note here. When the Amdmb Legacy style was originally coded, it was discovered that all the wrong colors were used. We found some archived examples on the web and readjusted the colors to more closely match that of the original. The Amdmb and Amdmb Right styles were originally coded by Tigsman. These 2 styles remain largely unchanged except for some minor modifications for ease of style maintenance.

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