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  1. Re: Can I pop my RAID0 Array's from ICH10R into my Precision T7500?

    Thanks. Yeah I backed up the drives and bought a 3TB to throw all the data on.

    Then I bought a Marvell Hyperduo controller to replace my RAID0. It runs very smooth now.

  2. Acronis True Image .tib partially backed up - Recover data?

    How to recover a partially backed up .tib image for Acronis True Image?

  3. Re: Is it possible to convert a 3-pin fan to 4-pin for speed control?

    The supermicro x7dca-l on 1.0a had 3pin control but thats only the original 1.0a... Since then I flashed to 1.2a which got rid of 3pin control and only allows 4pin control so im on full blast. I...
  4. Is it possible to convert a 3-pin fan to 4-pin for speed control?

    My board has only 4-pin speed control, can I adapt the 3-wires to a 4-wire header to possibly run the + positive to the PWM signal on the same header to control the speed of a 3-pin fan?

  5. Supermicro X7DCA-L -- How to backup original BIOS to flash to another X7DCA-L?

    I bought two X7DCA-L's and the original bios had 3-pin fan low speed options to keep the fans quiet, however when I flashed 1.2a it got rid of those options and only 4-pin options and the fans are at...
  6. Case has a usb 2.0 and 3.0 port, how to wire two headers to one for both ports?

    Hi this DIYPC case has a USB 2.0 port header that uses 9 pins on the usb 2.0 header for one port, and the usb 3.0 is a full 3.0 header I converted to a 2.0 header that also covers all 9 pins.

  7. Quad-SLI/ 4-Way SLI Profile for Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

    Hi I have dual GTX460 2Win's in Quad-SLI but can't get this game to hit on all 4 like other games...

    is there a specific profile in Nvidia Inspector that will get it hitting on all 4?

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    I think the #1 cause of slightly poor scores is the poor Northbridge clock of the Intel 5520 of just 2660Mhz... I mean that's a fraction of the QPI Link speed(s) of 6.4GT/s.

    As we...
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    For instance here is my 3dmarkvantage results... P35935

    It says my memory bus clock is running at 900Mhz ... and on the other system same video card clocked slower at 800Mhz just One card mind you...
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    It seems the only game that scales great across all 3 gpu(s) is Far Cry 4. It runs beautifully at 60fps vsynced or over 100fps with no vsync. Heat gets a bit hot with no vsync though. This is on...
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    Hi I'm running my Dell Precision T7500 with 3 GTX 470's at 851Mhz each eating huge power. Total system consumption is across a 1,100 Watt power supply and controlling the video cards alone is a...
  12. Can I pop my RAID0 Array's from ICH10R into my Precision T7500?

    I have a dual 1tb raid0 array at 2tb on my old ICH10R rig, that I would like to relocate to my new Dell Precision T7500.

    Will this be possible? The Dell Precision T7500 has the Integrated LSI...
  13. How to? 32GB USB FLASH with a win98 dos partition & NTFS partition?

    I have this 32GB flash drive I had to format to FAT32 for MS-DOS.

    However I dislike the 4gb limit and want a small DOS parition and large NTFS parition for large files.

    Is this possible?
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    AMD Opteron AM3+ in AM3+ Desktop board?

    Hi I have an MSI 970A-G46 with AM3+ socket.

    The new Opteron Octa-Core's look sick with 16MB Cache and 65W TDP. I think it may produce more performance in intense tasks and achieve cooler...
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    Re: Cpu queen : Post your results

    Nice. What speed ram do you have? I had my ram at DDR3-1723 pushing my luck haha. I believe DDR3-2000 would be in the 40 Gig/s range right?

    What's your physics score on fire strike? You should...
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    Re: Cpu queen : Post your results


    Managed 4.533Ghz....
  17. Win7 installed with raid on single drive - Can I re-image for RAID0?

    Hi I have a system I installed windows 7 on with ICH9 something or other on a single 500gb.

    I'd like to keep all data in tact. Since I installed Windows when I had it in RAID originally.

    Can I...
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    Cpu queen : Post your results

    Here are my results for my old school i7 930...
  19. How to hard-configure a DD-WRT WRT-54G to do WIFI legit only zero other functions?

    I have my network setup as a DSL Modem to a WRT-110 which does dhcp and wifi.

    I like to use the WRT-54G with DD-WRT to host WIFI only.

    I set it up that way as I thought.

    I plugged the...
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    Re: Xeon X5675 vs i7 980X?

    OMG Really?!??! Multiplier unlocked!?!? Wow

    How can I give u rep points bro?

    That's exactly what I wanted. I saw 3.07Ghz to start on 6 cores and 12 threads. The 95W tdp will help, since I do...
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    Xeon X5675 vs i7 980X?

    I never thought the day would come that I would need to upgrade. That day is today.

    Looking for the coolest/ best overclocker. I want 4.5Ghz out of this next chip.

    What's the best choice?
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    3dmark fire strike black screen fix???

    I noticed this a while back and had 337.88's installed still got a black screen...

    So I installed 340.43's for windows 7 x64 sp1 ultimate. Which still results in a black screen. I even turned...
  23. ATI AMD h264 HW Acceleration driver failure... ?

    My HD4670 1GB AGP ATI AMD h264 HW Acceleration driver failure... ?

    Basically the driver fails when hardware decoding on the gpu... go software and it's golden...

    I noticed a chip on the back of...
  24. Re: How to install Windows 8.1 on old x86 system?

    There is apparently a way to get around it.

    I went through all the steps and it actually booted into setup since my processor doesn't support Nx bit.

    Anyway I gave up after going back and...
  25. Re: BIOS reports 4096MB, 3326MB in Server 08' x86 - Enabled PAE - Still 3326MB???

    The CPU support 36-bit memory address table so in Linux apparently with pae it'll support all 4gb.

    The Intel Xeon sl79v 3ghz is what it is and I have two of them installed.

    For instance here is...
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