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  1. Re: Anyone else have Skylake/Kabylake "Slow/Laggy" Issues?

    Thanks for the reply, and yes all was set to AHCI, the laptop probably supported NVME but I know my new (last gen) desktop does not, as their is no m.2 slot or an option for it in BIOS.

    An update:...
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    Re: Skylake with DDR3?

    I know DDR3L is closer to DDR4 in voltage but they must be doing some hardware voltage drop to use DDR3.
  3. Anyone else have Skylake/Kabylake "Slow/Laggy" Issues?

    Hello all, LOOOONG time listener of PCPer, first time posting Ive been having some odd issues that I can only "feel" like it's only narrowed down to Skylake and Kabylake.

    I had a desktop with an...
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