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  1. So... Playing Clash of Clans at the pub can give my phone a social disease?

    I've known about this broadpwn thing for a while now and I have a nexus 5 which the fix for it seems to be to buy a new phone. I'm afraid to take my phone out in public... Is there anyway to fix this...
  2. Re: Media Creation Tool from MS for Windows 10.

    it requires an 8GB now at creation, but i put win10 1709 on an 8gb and then copied the files to a 4gb that i had 1607 on (deleted those files) and it boots up and installs 1709. im talking single...
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    Re: The $64 Dollar Question

    get it put together with the new stuff, when it doesnt activate, call microsoft and tell em it got hit by lightning and you had to replace exactly what you replaced
  4. Re: Getting rid of extra partitions created during clean install of windows 10 pro...

    if you create 4 primary partitions in the mbr and you can get a win10 cd to boot in legacy mode (takes a few tries sometimes even if you tell it legacy optical) then you can tell it to install win10...
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    Re: Internet security for 80 year old dad.

    Id get him an ipad
  6. Re: How about a completely free iBuyPower Core i7-980X system?

    I think I goofed, I didn't notice that I had to make 2 posts.
  7. Re: How about a completely free iBuyPower Core i7-980X system?

    Hey Ryan, I'm only about 150 miles from you. If I get lucky enough to win, the beers on me at the Great American Ball Park :)
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