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  1. Re: Almost a year on my Asus Maximus Formula = A+++ sweetness

    Wow, funny to see notes in here after all these years. My old Maximus is still running strong but not used much with the family it serves. They are mostly a mobile family. The Q6600 go and the...
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    Website Bot Blocking

    I own a site hosted by Ipage for my small biz.

    My competitor's are using smartviper and to scrape and check my site worth and such. I have started to look into what I can do for a...
  3. ASUS P8z68 pro Do not install .1207 intel raid Storage driver. It was pulled at Int

    Be careful updating bios and IRST Driver. Do not instal .1207 Intel RST Driver. It can lock up on boot. You will need win 7 cd in and try to restore to checkpoint. is OK. Intel pulled...
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    Re: End of an era

    my nf7 2 turned into a huge PITA , Iwill went server after the xp333 I miss Iwill and the first overclockers mb iwill xp333 . I wont miss abit .
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    Re: Sandy Bridge-E 3930K Shortage

    When I researched a new comp for 2012 I couldnt beleive the x79 setup . What a total waste of time and money plus the vitualization thing. My i2500 with an accelerated raid o is just fiine thanks.
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    Re: Best value Z68 motherboard to get?

    I run DCS flight sims off P8Z68 PRO/GEN3 . i2500k , zotac 560 ti , corsair 64gb ssd cache drive.

    Perfect running system , everything was nice and easy set up. :D
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    cant login on the flash home page

    Are you guys aware that the flash home page log in area I cannot use the log in there.

    Its been that way since the new website homepage launch. I have to hit the forum tag and log in. Just wanted...
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    Re: Corsair Force GT 180GB SSD and Win 7

    first guess is that its a limitation of the motherboard.
  9. Re: New z68 build Use Intel Smart Respose tech or stick with RAID 0 Sata 2 ??!

    Thanks for the great post!
    I got this

    I am keeping my re3 drives and keeping the raid 0 , I found some comparison and looks...
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    why the 1.65 volt memory on the 2600 sandy

    The memory cont is 1.5 and intel says to use memory that is 1.5 v not 1.65 and so I was wondering why that was listed on the leader board. I would prefer that ram over the vegence ram but the voltage...
  11. Re: Gigabyte G1 Assassin Motherboard New System Build

    An assasian 2 is x79 and way too expensive plus the cpus out now have the virtulization bug.

    So I went with a asus deluxe gen 3 board z68.

    I like the G1 boards but one is too old x58 and the...
  12. Re: New z68 build Use Intel Smart Respose tech or stick with RAID 0 Sata 2 ??!


    No I am not going to wait for 79 and intel to fix the virt bug in the cpus plus they are very expensive.

    Ill stick with z68 and I really dont have the luxury to experiment , well i could...
  13. New z68 build Use Intel Smart Respose tech or stick with RAID 0 Sata 2 ??!


    If using one of the z68 motherboards and you have choice of sata 2 raid and the flight sims games to benefit from it. ...
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    Re: CPU News for November??? Need an update.

    Hey I dont want to have to buy a gigabyte g1 x58 chipset on a new computer.

    I would rather buy a x79 chipset but your Intel cpus have a virt bug. I need good XP mode and VM Ware working! Tell me...
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    Re: Sandy Bridge E

    I need to build a new PC and would rather go to a newer chipset than x58 but since x79 boards or 2011 socket CPU have a virtulazation bug that screws up XP mode and will not allow VM ware to work...
  16. Gigabyte G1 Assassin Motherboard New System Build

    New Build considering for Jan 2012
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    Re: kinda miss the old ways


    i have really been a member here since 2001 and I just dropped in here after along time out. After four years of service in Jan. my main system is going to be rebuilt hopefully soon.

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    Re: Human Revolution

    i didnt like it but I dont really like that style of game. I didnt like the combat style either. This is after finishing crisis 2 . Crisis 2 I thought was alot more fun and bhad better shooting and...
  19. Re: Bulldozer vs Sandybridge (to wait or not to wait?)

    I want to see the flight sims tested, like DCS Black Shark and A10c . These are VERY CPU dependant games and many are using sandy 2600. If a review is done on DCS games with the Bulldozer this will...
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    Re: AMD Bulldozer Spec Leak

    Yeah the FX tag is back but the jackass that got on the soapbox and claimed that america was ok with paying 700 bucks for a fx chip is long gone and was totally wrong. Remember that in the athlon...
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    Re: AMD Bulldozer Spec Leak

    I am looking forward to building an 8 core in the fall winter time.

    I cant wait to find out how the 8 cores act with FLIGHT SIMS that were made with 4 cores in mind and are CPU HOGS. Like DCS...
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    I cant login on the new front page.

    If I click the forum tag. I can of course log in no problem.

    However, I cant just go to the new page and log in.
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    Re: Quick AMD Advice

    I have a xp system still with 2 gb and play the Latest DCS flightsims, but not the a10c yet. But still Black Shark is a hog. Lomac. Also Starcraft 2 and some other newer stuff sometimes. Starcraft...
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    Re: Intel recalling ALL Sandy Bridge chipsets!,12108.html
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    The ASUS 4870 DK d601 error cure

    I have a ASUS 4870 Darkknight edition.

    Put a 80mm fan under it blowing on the rectangular heatsink and pcb area where the power plugs plug in.

    I did this a month ago and all the d601 overtemp...
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