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  1. [RESOLVED] Automated comparison of C++ code version differences?

    EDIT: I found the solution to my problem below in the form of a 'nix tool ported to windows:

  2. Re: 12V VIN below voltage; it's not the PSU, so must be mobo?

    Hmm, I plan to open the case back up tommorow to deal with this problem. I guess I'll see if I can get these answered before then!

    - Is it possible to take out the mobo and unsolder just one...
  3. Re: 12V VIN below voltage; it's not the PSU, so must be mobo?

    Wow, thanks a lot for the help! I suppose my problem isn't so bad as I thought!
  4. XML11; Looks like the ultimate Java-to-JavaScript-AJAXness ever

    I posted this elsewhere, but I'd like to share it here with copy/paste.

    I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here who cares about this, but I'll post anyway so I can propagate...
  5. 12V VIN below voltage; it's not the PSU, so must be mobo?

    I recently had a lot of crashing problems, and went through the regular hardware debugging session, trying to find the problem. I switched out the PSU with one from my other system, and it seemed to...
  6. Re: A cheapish watercooling plan; sufficient?

    Awesome! Thank you!

    You've both been infinitely helpful!
  7. Re: A cheapish watercooling plan; sufficient?

    Thanks for the detailed post! I was reading more on pumps, and you've confirmed my fear that the Rio pump probably has very unsuitable heat output. It appears I'll go with the TDX waterblock and...
  8. A cheapish watercooling plan; sufficient?

    I'm quite a penny-tight fellow, but I still manage to want the most performance possible with what little I have to work with! Ideally I could spend about $100 or less, but it looks like I'll need...
  9. What is safe temp for radeon 9800? (and short flash-to-XT question)

    1st Question:
    I searched the forum, but can't really find a specific normal and dangerous temp range. One post was 55C at idle... Mine is at 75C idle. Now, my case cooling is horrid, but I have 2...
  10. Re: Good Overclocking Memory on a budget ?

    What CPU will you be getting with the board?
  11. Suggestions for cooling CPU from 60c (to ambient temps)

    Some time ago I got a 2600+ mobile and a volcano 7+, hoping to OC a lot. Sadly, I must run the 2600+ slightly under stock FSB to keep it from reaching 65C in load situations. At load right now,...
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    DDR2 prices - why so low?

    I'm fairly new to DDR2 since I haven't looked at RAM in a long while. My system in my sig isn't worth upgrading cpu+mobo components for this yet, but I am wondering why it is so much lower... is it...
  13. Re: KingMax CL4 MARS DDR2-533 + HardCore DDR-500 = good?

    Thanks, I suspected that DDR2 might be entirely different, but kinda thought it was just manufacturing process. I'll look at getting the PQI Turbo then.
  14. KingMax CL4 MARS DDR2-533 + HardCore DDR-500 = good?

    Agh, I made a nice post and found I'd already timed out for my login... lost it :(

    Basically, I need another 512mb stick of ram. Since I love KingMax, I am trying to stick with them for overall...
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    Re: Is Java difficult to learn alone?

    I took Java at my High School, and was previously a VB6 coder. Since I hadn't moved to .NET yet, I had to learn some fundamental OOP basics, such as inheritance. If you already understand VB6 and the...
  16. (.NET) Running windows EXE directly within own app?

    I've done some google searching, but the query is too long to come up with anything related to what I need.

    I basically wondered if there is a .NET class capable of executing a windows EXE...
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    VB.Net "de-sync'd async"

    I have a HTTP download class which basically starts downloading a file with *another* class that contains a TCPClient control using a stream, so it basically doesn't tie up my HTTP class.

    As the...
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    Re: hardware router vs. Linux

    It all comes down to what you do. If it is simply for routing tasks, I'd take the ease of a dependable brand of router. However, if you need some local network services like file sharing, and perhaps...
  19. Re: C++ time: which compiler+dev environment?

    The problem is when you must use arrays of sockets that do not force you to go through a loop or something silly to read/send data. Yes, simply send/receive apps work fine, but things like this just...
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    Re: writting firewall codes

    You specifically need to look into getting into the windows TCP/IP stack. Even I, the almighty VB coder-man can not attempt such a feat.
  21. Re: C++ time: which compiler+dev environment?

    The program is basically too complicated and tied up in the odd workings of .NET sockets and as a result just plain doesn't work for uncertain reasons.

    Java would probably be better since I can...
  22. C++ time: which compiler+dev environment?

    I've worked mad crazy on my somewhat simplistic IDShock application (the most complicated part being a functional local proxy server) in both VB6 and VB.NET. All of my attempts to stabilize the proxy...
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    Re: VB.NET sockets just too fubared?

    Well, it is a simple "local" proxy meant for an anonymity app I'm working on. It requires that I have two modes of operation:
    a) Anonymous mode, which will simply forward proxy GETs to a proxy in my...
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    VB.NET sockets just too fubared?

    I've had loads of trouble with VB.NET sockets, mainly caused by the fact that such simple stuff is no longer encapsulated in a nice OCX or 3rd party class.

    I've found some client and server...
  25. Re: Need help tracing IP. sombody has threatened my family. > demo

    I wish I had their Supar DB10...heh
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