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  1. Re: Intel fires 12,000 or 11% of it's workforce!

    I think Intel has enough cash to sit back for awhile and wait for the market and technology to catch up to them. There breaking into phone/tablet market and that is the only thing that is showing...
  2. Thread: Gigabit

    by Samasevado24


    Anyone finally get gigabit ISP yet? In my area we keep getting told 2016 full rollout for all areas but still nothing yet. Just wondering if you see reliable speeds or is it gigabit "most" of the...
  3. Re: Do I need a new PSU if I upgrade my graphics card?

    If you go with a higher end platinum or gold PSU you could also save a couple pennies on your electric bill if you run your system all day.
  4. Replies

    Re: Wifi enabled Door Locks and Cameras

    I've looked into these and problem is they are dependent on the manufacturer to keep the service running. Not to mention you hope that they value security a little and not have your locks and cameras...
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