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    Re: CPU frequency always at 3797 MHz

    Weird, but well done for finding it.
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    Re: Think my vid card is failing

    I'm inclined to agree with diagnosis, but you still ought to try a different, heavy load, game to be certain. I'd also scrub out the drivers, then load from fresh - it could just be Windows being...
  3. Re: PCI-E flexible Gen 3.0 riser card VS. PCI-E flexible Gen 2.0 riser card

    Thanks - I never got involved in bitcoin mining.
  4. Re: PCI-E flexible Gen 3.0 riser card VS. PCI-E flexible Gen 2.0 riser card

    First, welcome to PCPer. The delay in your post appearing was because new posters aren't allowed to post images in their first few posts without mod approval. Second, I must be out of touch because I...
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    Re: ATI 5850 screen going blank revisited

    In answer to your question in the previous post: cooling. If you get a lot of dust in the fan it will reduce the ability of the cooler to remove heat. It might even get in the fan bearings and slow...
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    Re: Out of Range issue.

    Well done. Thinking about it now, missing options in menus usually implies that a driver didn't load properly. It's good to see that Catalyst drivers are still badly written...
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    Re: ATI 5850 screen going blank at times HELP !

    I prefer the hardware suggestion. It sounds like the card is dying, especially if it happened over different drivers. As is usually the case, you need to try that card in a different machine, and a...
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    Re: 3dmark 2001 se on win 7?

    From memory I gave up trying years ago. I think it's a DirectX thing, not a Win7 thing. And have a
  9. Re: Problem with 295x2 miniDP to DP output to Samsung ud590

    1) Welcome to the forums.

    2) Please post the problem here directly rather than just linking to another forum. Otherwise it looks like you are pimping and that is against the forum rules.

  10. Re: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    So you've seen an ocean calm. They are common, especially near the tropics (look up "doldrums"). On what way does that make you an expert and me ignorant about ship and aircraft disappearances?
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    Re: Ban assault knives!!!

    The answer to both your questions is: because nobody died. Yes, of course you can kill people with a knife, but it's a **** of a sight easier to do it with a gun. And spree killings are vastly easier...
  12. Re: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    Nope, there are precisely zero of them.

    I'm not sure if you are being serious, so...

    Let's start with the fact the thing that links these so-called mysterious areas is the high amount of...
  13. Re: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    You say huge, but seem to fail to follow that through? Have you any idea how many ships disappear without trace every year? And they are a lot bigger than planes. If the plane came down in...
  14. Re: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    Did you read up properly on the fire on board scenario. As soon as the fire is detected, pilots do two things: they switch everything off, and they fly towards safety. SWITCH EVERYTHING OFF. If it...
  15. Re: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    Also did I miss something, but did the same group of people who say Obama couldn't organise a **** in a brothel say that he could keep a downed 777 secret?
  16. Re: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    It's on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, and the reason why we haven't heard from anyone on board is the obvious one. People seem to have some strange idea that because they are spied on in their own...
  17. Re: The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    Although it has a couple of holes, the fire on board scenario still looks best. It least it actually makes sense. The main argument against is the later course change, but that could be explained an...
  18. Re: Kingston Technology 2x 512MB DDR1 suggested timings

    Start with a 2T Command Rate. That one setting makes more difference than anything else. You'll lose about 10% performance, but if it's speed you are after...
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    Re: Having an issue with my Gateway tower

    Out of interest, what was wrong? Or is it too embarrassing? My most recent was after moving: I could only get screen #2 of the dual-screen to come on, and only as a blank screen showing just a mouse...
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    Re: To OC or not to OC !!!

    Do you need to? No.

    Should you? Yes.

    Will you lose data? You shouldn't, and anyway, surely you back up everything important?
  21. Thread: AMD vs Intel

    by Meridian

    Re: AMD vs Intel

    Not easily. For a start, you'd need to take into account not just speed and design, but cost. AMD compete at least as much on price as performance. I'm sure there's a "bang-per-buck" table out there...
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    Re: Best PSU for handling 2 Quadro K6000s

    I think at 850W would be cutting it a bit fine personally, although it's probably doable. I tend to err towards 1000or 1200W units, usually by Corsair. But I agree that a 1600W is massive overkill,...
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    Re: PC Video Output

    True, but not very helpful for the OP!

    But yes, it's getting more common. Some monitors are the same: only SVGA or HDMI input.
  24. Re: Forceware 162.65 WHQL display settings gone?!

    I have a very vague recollection of something like this happening, many years ago - when those drives were current. But from the same vague memory I was forced to uninstall the drivers, scrub the...
  25. Re: Dead video card pt 2 - replacing thermal pads

    Pads? Do you intend to take this thing apart again? If not, I'd go for thermal epoxy.
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