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    Re: Recommended sound card for FPS gaming on PC?

    I hope no-one minds if I bump this thread.

    I have an Asus Xonar DX and I've not plugged it in since I have a new Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard. Which is going to give me the better sound and...
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    Re: Get a 290(x) now or wait for the 380X?

    I went with an MSI r9 390. Here's hoping the gamble pays off, I am betting on DX12 and on console developers using similar codepaths for upcoming PC games, giving AMD an advantage.

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    Re: Get a 290(x) now or wait for the 380X?

    Looks like my best option would be the R9 Nano (so the 3rd Fiji card, in terms of performance). There's a piece on it on the home page.

    I'll wait and see a little longer........ eek!
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    Re: Get a 290(x) now or wait for the 380X?

    I really want the new architecture to be a lot ahead (IPC) on DX12 1080p gaming. I think it's going to be designed for that, right, with the HBM and the associated improved logic?

    I don't think...
  5. Re: I am having a pc-dude mental break down and need cyber-counseling.

    Doesn't sound like it's very unusual.

    They just need some internet 'spidey sense' not to trust the popups or the dodgy downloads.

    Try and set them up to never download an executable file, also...
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    Re: Cpu queen : Post your results

    That's pretty awesome. Given it's 5 years old, how much would it cost second hand roughly to get 75608 Aida points? It might help out some of the linux server boys and girls with strong multi-thread...
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    Get a 290(x) now or wait for the 380X?

    Hi All

    Now all the scrypt mining seems behind us, and the retail prices for GPUs will go back to the patterns they used to inhabit, I have a dilemma.

    Here in the UK, I can (prolly) get a r9 290...
  8. Re: Dual Xeon's - NUMA or SMP - I think SMP is faster...?

    Nice screenshots in post 1!

    Given the close passmark ratings, and the fact that your temps are much more low on SMP, I'd just run SMP on the box, unless there is some specific use case (like say...
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    Re: Cpu queen : Post your results

    41244 with an I 2500k (2011 cpu!) on 4 threads, non hyperthreaded, at 4433 Mhz.

    I'm quite pleased with that, for example, it's quite close to double this...
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    Re: Cpu queen : Post your results

    Is it a free benchmark? Sorry to say if so I didn't find a download link

    Not that I wouldn't pay for it just I wanted to join in the thread easily :)
  11. Re: Diskpart cleaned wrong disk --- Need to recover/ recover easy and quick?

    This has worked about 3 times for me when I've accidentally dropped a disk from my Intel (onboard) Raid0 and brought it back into the raid only to find I have no data on the new 'disk'....
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    Re: Buiilding New Computer - Help with CPU choice.

    I dunno

    I would go AMD if you would like the onboard GPU performance to be high enough to game and / or if you want to stick to budget.

    However, to be as open and fair as I can manage (and I...
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    Re: HELP ! my laptop doesnt dettect battery :(

    aeonxoul, try Asus support-by-email, perhaps they'll decide to ship you a new part or something.

    It's going to be difficult to find a solution with a forum post like that (prolly), but it could...
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    Re: light weight linux system idea

    Xubuntu (Ubuntu with a lighter desktop windows manager) is what I used. I would point out that was just a couple' years ago now, and I think I once read about something potentially better (linux OS...
  15. Thread: Gta v

    by Zoea

    Re: Gta v

    Won't buy it. GTA 1 was a decent game, in GTA 3 the story was just irresponsible, yes it's a game but it's shaping a whole freakin generation. It hasn't improved in terms of social responsibility, as...
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    Re: Whoever is Running in 2016 ... ?

    I'm across the pond, and I don't have really any say of course, but I will say this - get involved. As people get more interested and involved, and the focus shifts onto the candidates and their...
  17. Re: Keeping a moderately over-clocked workstation running 24/7, best practice or not?

    I don't know if there's a definitive answer on this, but I would be eat-my-shorts shocked if you didn't get 5 + years from the system running 24/7 with the workload you mention. Bar any spinny disks,...
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    Re: Can I upgrade the bios while using this CPU?

    Marv, Result!
  19. Re: Do You Really Need the Newest Processor, fastest processor?

    This is an accurate depiction of the situation, so we have AAA titles in some kind of Boom or Bust cycle with the strongest growing a loyal fan base, and on the other side of the same coin we have...
  20. Re: So Let's talk about the 970/980 Versus the R9 290/290x

    I have this choice to make. The screens used to be better with ATi. I read recently on another forum that this may still be the case.
    As hard as that is to believe now, and as unlikely as it may be...
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    Re: AMD Special Edition Driver: Catalyst Omega

    Thanks Sam

    Installed both packages on an a6-3500 APU and had a quick bash at Smite. Lovely, responsive graphics. Windows is good too.
    I don't have much else here in order to twst further.
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    Re: Getting a 144Hz monitor in November

    Hello, first post here!

    I bought the VG2401mh recently. It's new, perhaps you missed it? It's a very competetive price here in the UK (came in cheaper than an amazon price check on the VG248QE for...
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