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    Re: adding a spinner HHD opion

    Personally I like the WD Black series both for laptops & PC's. I've never had one go bad yet, but I've replaced a few Seagates that have failed.
  2. Re: just had to clean up a system with a 5900 rbm spinning rust c:

    Which OS was it running?
  3. Re: Any Advice on lighting Power Switch LED when computer is off? I'm in the dark

    I don't think you can do that. My friend used a clear glow in the dark paint on his. Since it goes on clear you can't really see it in the light, other that a "glossy" look to the button.
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    Re: GPU PerfStudio Crashes with every driver

    Is this a new issue after updating drivers? Have you recently changed video cards?
  5. Re: new motherboard not booting up or even allowing drivers to be installed.

    Please list your specs & recheck all of your connections. It could be a memory issue. Try booting the PC with one stick of ram. If that doesn't work try the other stick of ram. If that doesn't solve...
  6. Re: Looking to upgrade RAM in laptop, but what is this!?!?

    That's crazy. I've never seen ram like that either. How old is the laptop?
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    Re: REmoving super glue

    Acetone (fingernail polish remover).
  8. Re: What is an easy to use program for backing up DVD's?

    Thanks guys, I'll have her give that a try.
  9. What is an easy to use program for backing up DVD's?

    I have a friend that wants to back up all of her DVD movies. She has no computer skills so I need a free easy to use backup program, or something that at least has a simple learning curve.
  10. Re: Amd loves a fan boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome. Kudos to AMD & Warsam71.
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    Re: Processor upgrade worth while?

    Not a lot of games really take advantage of 8 core cpu's. The 4350 quad core would be a better upgrade with a stock clock of 4.2:
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    Re: AM3+ Motherboard Recommendations?

    The board in my sig has been rock solid.
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    Re: Win7 computer with virus ?

    I have had good luck using Avast free. It has a boot time scan option that runs the antivirus before the system actually boots so the virus hasn't loaded to mask itself. I also run Malwarebytes.
  14. Re: Easiest way to transfer Win7 userdata to another system?

    I've switched motherboards using Win 7 a couple of times & did not have to reinstall the OS. Just install the new drivers after you swap the board & reactivate Windows when the prompt comes up.
  15. Re: Diskpart cleaned wrong disk --- Need to recover/ recover easy and quick?

    I haven't used this yet but bookmarked it after others have said they've had good luck using it:
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    Re: Looking for some assistance.

    Memtest can run for along time if you want it to but if it has errors it usually shows up in the first 30 min or so.
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    Re: Looking for some assistance.

    The first thing that I would do is run with just one stick of RAM at a time. Then after that I would also check the SSD's health with...
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    Re: Laptop Memory.. Should I go above 8 gig

    It's not going to do any good unless you do a lot of Photoshopping or rendering.
  19. Re: At 67 yrs old trying to buy a new video card is confusing!!

    Looks like you can drop in quite a few different CPU's. If interested I have a 975 for $35 shipped.
  20. Re: At 67 yrs old trying to buy a new video card is confusing!!


    You should strongly consider an entire system upgrade for "today's" games.
  21. Re: The Crew - Open world racing game, interesting

    My 19yr old son is playing this game and loves it so far. Lot's of fun he said.
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    Re: Getting a 144Hz monitor in November

    I forgot to mention that you will need display port to display port connection to take advantage of all the bandwidth, hope you ordered that too.
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    Re: Getting a 144Hz monitor in November

    Bought the monitor in my sig I'm very pleased with it. I couldn't believe how much better the 144Hz monitor was over my old generic HP.
  24. Re: Providing Medical and Infrastructure support to Niger

    Many "groups" have been working to improve impovershed nations for more years than I can count. If the money wasn't used to line organizations & receiving nations leaders than this would have been...
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    Re: Which monitor > 144Hz or an IPS panel

    I would consider a monitor with a higher resolution but am limited to the 24" screen size due to my desk. I've seen an IPS panel before but not a high refresh rate monitor. The IPS wasn't bad, but...
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