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  1. Is Microsoft intentionally sabotaging Wndows Update?

    I have a Vista Pro, 7 Pro multiple 8.1 Pro and Home machines and they ALL sit on "checking for updates" with the process using tons of CPU(including about 15% on my 6700K machine).

    It doesn't...
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    Re: Windows 10 is killing me.

    Just revert back to a less spyware version like 8.1.
  3. Re: Wait for Haswell-E or just buy IVB-E? Haswell-E having only 3 Gen3 PCIE?

    3570K is LGA1155 Ivy Bridge, not Ivy Bridge-E. It has 16 PCI-E lanes on it, and the E chips have 40.
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    Huge Nvidia issue, needs attention!

    I'd tried endlessly to calibrate my Samsung S23A550H display connected to both my 560Ti and my 660Ti.

    No matter what the configuration, I could not get black to look correct, and all the colors...
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