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  1. Noticing some "static like" horizontal lines moving upward.


    I have a Dell monitor and its relatively new. However lately i have been noticing on some backgrounds, usually dark textured ones, i will notice a light static about the picture with faint...
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    Re: Firewall around the USA?

    Sounds like a good way to start/escalate a cyberwar from within the country to match the one coming from outside the country...
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    Re: Discovery of Earth-like Planet

    "has a mass of three to four times that of Earth"

    Would that not cause a population of any species to evolve into a completely divergent way? I dont mean just humans, but like planting algae......
  4. Re: What's the deal with all of the "ghost" moderators on this site?

    Probably has to do with the fact that Pcper is a ghost of its former self. Aw, i miss those days.
  5. Re: DVD question -- Miss-coloration on the underside? What is this?

    Hmm.. Time to back those DVD up then on the external.
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    Improving Working Memory -- Possible?

    Hello. My whole left i felt like there was some kind of barrier in my thought process. I am 23 and its just something i have always grown up with. I also accepted the fact that i had a bad memory. It...
  7. Re: DVD question -- Miss-coloration on the underside? What is this?

    I dunno what it is. I wish i would have caught it when i bought them but i guess i never gave it much thought because they played flawlessly. Unlike other foil damage that always interrupts playback....
  8. DVD question -- Miss-coloration on the underside? What is this?


    I had a question maybe someone could shed some light on. I was looking through some of my DVD boxed sets and noticed that some of the disks (maybe two) have a coloration issue on the...
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    Re: Do we have any shooters here?

    I have always liked revolvers. Maybe thats because i liked old detective movies when i was young but the snub-noed revolvers always will hold a place in my heart :)

    When i get my conceal and carry...
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    Re: Where did all the posters go?

    I tend to visit a lot more when i have time to kill while in college. But thats just me.

  11. Re: why do some business start three words with k?

    Who wants to join the Kewl Kids Klub? Anyone?
  12. Re: Question to those who carry a knife (legality questions)

    You are an art grad right? Yeah, that's impressive. lol. And if you think you have any kind of soap box to stand on for pointing out the faults of anyone, then you truly are delusional. :rolleyes:
  13. Re: noscript... which one should i allow to download gimp?

    do you really need to make a new thread every time you have a new question on the sam topic? Seen like 5 different posts related to drawing programs or gimp from you.
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    Re: journalism and internet censorship coming?

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    Re: Any Matrix junkies?

    I was a junkie untill they wrecked their own series by released a cop-out third movie and answered nothing, and wrote off everything else.
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    Re: the video, what's your take on it?

    A bunch of people doing their job is all i saw.
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    Re: If ya don't pay in, you should not get back?

    This is something i struggle with. I agree people should be allowed to have some enjoyment in their lives, but why at the expense of others? I don't want to single this guy out, but im talking on a...
  18. Re: Question to those who carry a knife (legality questions)

    That just does not seem right. If they did not charge you with anything, how is that diffrent from taking any other item from you?

    On another note, is there any kind of universal laws regarding...
  19. Re: Question to those who carry a knife (legality questions)

    Did you get them back?
  20. Re: Question to those who carry a knife (legality questions)

    Its not so much that I'm afraid that I will be charged with a crime or anything for having an illegal weapon. It more has to do that i understand that if the worst happen and I had to use a weapon to...
  21. Re: Question to those who carry a knife (legality questions)

    I have heard 4, and i have heard 6. I would think it would be a lot more straight forward to know?
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    Re: getting rid of crows?

    I enjoy crows, but seagulls? They are another story entirety... (STFU SEAGULLS! GAWD!)
  23. Question to those who carry a knife (legality questions)

    I have always kept a 3 inch pocket knife on my self ever since I got out of high school. Its a tool that i find myself using all the time, and when i dont have it on my person, i find myself reaching...
  24. Thread: Avatar.......

    by DarkEgo

    Re: Avatar.......

    I heard it was a pretty preachy movie, anti-war and such. is it?
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    Re: do you belive in evolution or (god) creation

    So i'm ignorant for accepting that the change withing a species over a couple of generations and changing from one species to another over any period of time might have a lightly different process?...
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