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  1. Problem downloading latest video podcast file

    Has anyone had issues downloading the latest podcast from their RSS feed? I'm using a program called PODGET which reads the rss feed and downloads the latest episode based on the enclosure title. The...
  2. Re: Saturday May 30 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #10

    I'll jump in on this one. Might have to pick up UT2k4 from GOG before Saturday then.
  3. Re: Saturday February 28 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #9

    Count me in, I'm trying to round up some of the games and dust off my old UT2k4 copy.
  4. Re: Buiilding New Computer - Help with CPU choice.

    I'd agree with the Intel choice. Only reason though, AMD doesn't currently have plans to refresh their desktop line of parts. the AM3+ socket, as stated before, is obsolete and will not have any new...
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    Re: [Build Log] Hardlined CaseLabs SMA8

    That case look like a great place for your build! Pretty excited to see it all come together. How did you do the sleeving on the cables?
  6. Re: [Build Log] H2O-Micro (sub 3 Liter Custom Watercooled Gaming Rig)

    How is the PCIe riser card going to work going from x4 to x16? Does the slot have the required bandwidth to expand up to x16?
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    Re: Need advice on GPU upgrade

    Did your complex tell you that you will need to pay more for the electrical cost? Seems strange if you are paying for your electric bill out of pocket why they would have any say on your electric.
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