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  1. System restore points taking upto 20GB each? Limit number of restores? (Vista)

    System restore points on a Windows Vista machine are getting up to 20GB on a 900GB disk. Is there a way to limit how many restore points are available at a time or am I left to deleting them...
  2. Laptop screen faded, washed out, ghosting & unresponsive (Acer Aspire 5315-2326)

    The screen on a laptop I have not used in several weeks is behaving very oddly.

    The image is washed out and faded, the laptop is unresponsive for a period, and as a new window pops up a portion of...
  3. Desktop asks for router PIN, laptop connects without issue

    I lost connection to the Internet on my desktop yesterday, upon trying to reconnect I received a page asking me for the PIN to my router, at first I entered what I believed to be the correct PIN...
  4. Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier first defrag - Safe? What settings?

    I'm about to run a Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier defrag but wanted to check around first as I have heard of 3rd party defraggers upsetting the Windows directory and preventing the PC from properly...
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    Vista - How to run checkdisk / scandisk?

    I haven't run checkdisk / scandisk on either of my Vista machines before, wondering how to go about it and what switches to include. I want to run Diskeeper 2010 Pro Premier defragger shortly after,...
  6. Vista laptop slowing down (Acer Aspire 5315-2326)

    In the past few months my laptop has slowed down drasticly and I'm not sure why. Some examples:

    -alt-tabbing between programs is slow
    -changing directories in Windows Explorer is slow
  7. Wireless card won't connect/connects then randomly disconnects.

    My Windows Vista desktop will not connect/connects then randomly disconnects to my wireless router (Linksys WRT54GP-2). I had no trouble with a previous router, a D-Link model. Three different...
  8. Mouse suddenly stops working on WinXP machine?

    A PS/2 port mouse suddenly stopped working on a family member's WinXP machine, tried using a new USB mouse that I know works on other machines but it won't work on this machine, any ideas?
  9. Need assistance selecting external hard drive.

    Hey guys,

    Looking to get an external hard drive for music and photo storage, have some questions:
    1. Is it true that so long as the storage format is Fat32 both Macs and PCs can read and write to...
  10. Re: XP machine stuck in loop of scandisk and bluescreens?

    It only has the single drive, thanks though.
  11. Lose sound on Vista machine when coming out from sleep or hibernate?

    Brand new Vista 64 bit system that I put to sleep instead of shutting down when done.

    When I come out from sleep or hibernate mode I don't have any sound output and need to reboot the system to...
  12. Re: XP machine stuck in loop of scandisk and bluescreens?

    I have booted with an XP disc. After loading everything I receive this error: "Setup can not detect any HDD installed..."

    I have discovered my HDD to be Western Digital and tried the Western...
  13. XP machine stuck in loop of scandisk and bluescreens?

    A family member's Windows XP machine is having some trouble.

    The system boots to the Windows loading screen, then runs through scandisk after some time it flashes a moment of a different blue...
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    Keyboard not working on new computer?

    Got a new computer and the keyboard it shipped with won't work on it, tried the keyboard on a different computer and it works fine. I tried a PS2 to USB adapter to no avail, although another keyboard...
  15. Re: Acer 3690 laptop BSOD'ing when launching games (Vista)?

    Ideas? I appreciate any help, thanks.
  16. Re: Acer 3690 laptop BSOD'ing when launching games (Vista)?

    I've tried running the titles giving me an issue in WinXP compatibility mode to no avail.

    I managed to pull the error code off the BSOD but haven't been able to find anything on Microsoft's site:...
  17. Acer 3690 laptop BSOD'ing when launching games (Vista)?

    I'm getting a BSOD ("Windows has encountered a problem and needs to...") while trying to run a few small indie games (reflexive arcade, some titles my laptop shouldn't have any trouble running),...
  18. Re: Vista 'logs out' to 'switch user' screen?

    I've found a 'Hibernate' setting under 'ScreenSaver > Power Management > Advanced Settings' and I believe that was it.

  19. Vista 'logs out' to 'switch user' screen?

    Vista Home Basic keeps logging out to a switch user screen with my user name, its icon, and 'Locked' written under it, how do I stop this from happening and/or change the time it takes to happen?...
  20. New monitor has dead pixel - General questions concerning this and LCDs?

    Hey guys,

    Just bought and received a SAMSUNG 941BW [LINK] from NewEgg and upon booting, during an all black screen, I was greeted to a bright red pixel a few inches off center. Watched a bit of...
  21. Re: What do you use to tag your music collection? - A form survery

    Doesn't seem the rest of the forum thought so.
    /Oh well.

  22. Re: Adding new SATA drive - Getting WinXP to 'see' it?

    Thanks for info, went with 'Primary' been working fine.
    /Thanks again.

  23. Re: What do you use to tag your music collection?

    # 1. Tag&Rename
    # 1.1 3.2.5 rc1
    # 2. On and off 6+ months
    # 3. Works great for anything I've need so far, have had no reason to look elsewhere. Love the ability to 'get tags from filename' and use...
  24. What do you use to tag your music collection? - A form survery

    Taking a little survey of what you guys use to tag your music collections (ripped from CD, gotten 'elsewhere', re-tag online store bought, etc).

    Please copy-paste the following format:

  25. Re: Adding new SATA drive - Getting WinXP to 'see' it?

    Question #4. What's the difference between 'Primary Partition' & 'Extended Partition' as seen in the first image in 'Disk Management'.

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