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  1. Re: New Skylake Build..... i7 6700k Available?

    i got the 6700k in early 2016. Plenty of stock by this time and here in Australia. great OC'er this one is :)
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    Re: i7 6700k vs. i7 5930k?

    i think the 5930k is better for video rendering, photoshop etc with it's 6 cores, it can use those cores to its full advantage. For gamers, the 6700k is better, & even with only 4 cores vs the 6, it...
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    Re: Basic overclocking question

    i can show u how if u like
  4. 6700K... how good is it treating u OC'ing on Skylake?

    I built my first PC last year, using Skylakes 6700k. My first forage into the world of over-clocking was just doing it the simple, yet safe way. Core Ratio = 45. So 45 x BLCK of 100 = 45Ghz. Voltage...
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    Re: To OC or not to OC !!!

    i do it cuz Skylake makes it easy to do it. Hell, even the z170 series motherboards want u to do it. It is easy for all Skylake chips on the i7 6700K to get to 44/45 Ghz on stock volts. Maybe with...
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