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    Re: How best to setup my living room

    You might look into Intel's WiDI wireless video solution, it seems like it might fit your needs.
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    Re: usb zip working on windows 7?

    How much data are you talking about? Why not just get an external HDD or even a large capacity thumb drive or two?
  3. Re: Do I need additional speakers to hear audio out of this system?

    Only some monitors come with speakers built into them, but even on the ones that do, just about any pair of speakers will be a huge improvement in quality. I don't see any mention of speakers on...
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    Re: Car Audio Power

    What you've probably heard of is people using PC PSUs as 12v power supplies to power car audio equipment in a house, not while actually in a car. Is this what you're asking about? I don't think I'd...
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    Re: fan controrler

    When I installed my corsair led fans in my CM storm stryker case, instead of dimming when they slowed they would blink rapidly instead. I assume that the case's built in fan controller must use...
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    Re: HDMI Cables

    In general, since HDMI carries a digital signal, one cable will be just as good as the next. As long as it is rated as HDMI 1.4 it should be fine.
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    Re: Thermaltake MK-1 Full Tower

    I've been looking at this case just in the last few days. I really like my antec 1200, but having the hard drives face the mobo makes hiding cables for a lot of drives nearly impossible.

    I like...
  8. Re: AMD Radeon HD 7970 PCIe 3.0 can it use 2.0

    Yep, PCIe is all backwards compatible. Also, you will hardly lose any performance using the card in a 2.0 slot (in terms of gaming, compute stuff does take a bit of a hit).
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    Re: Cut sens2_Return connector on new HD audio

    You should be able to pull out one of the pins from the AC97 connector and cut the wire as far back as possible, then use it to replace the pin with the cut wire on the HD audio connector, giving you...
  10. Re: How about a completely free iBuyPower Core i7-980X system?

    sweet system, count me in!
  11. Re: any danger on connecting soundcard to external stereo amp ?

    Yes, that will work just fine. I have been doing the same thing connecting the 7.1 ch outputs from my soundcard to the multichannel inputs on my receiver for years now. Works great and sounds...
  12. Re: Black drives blue drives Green drives....

    The WD10EARS is also the one that is using WD's new Advance Drive Format with 4k sectors. Here's the anandtech article
  13. Re: Need Help Building 12v (+/-) to RCA Line Level Adapter for Car

    just a second here, guys. The speaker outputs in cars are NOT 12v dc. They are an ac signal of varying voltage just like every other speaker output. Line level is also ac, just of a lower voltage...
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