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    Re: best setup for photography

    If you're leaning towards a Mac I don't know that you would need a Mac Pro (unless your referring to a MacBook). If you are just using it for photo editing it's a little bit of overkill. If you are...
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    Re: Scary temperatures on i7 920

    I suppose that would be true if it wasn't disabled in the bios. As for stability and BSODing this machine has been rock solid since I zeroed in on how far I could push the CPU.
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    Re: Scary temperatures on i7 920

    I am running an i7 860 at 4.1 GHz with an H50 and don't ever see temps over 75 C when running Prime95. I actually left the thermal compound on that it came with. I love the H50, it's inexpensive...
  4. First attempt at overclocking a complete success!

    It is running completely stable at 4.0GHz with HT enabled, prime95 gets the temps up to 74-76 C. With HT disabled it happily runs at 4.2 in the high 60s...
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    Sticky: Re: The SuperPI Hall of Fame

    Just ran these.
  6. Re: McAfee antivirus program goes berserk, freezes PCs

    I had one of these come in the shop on Thursday. It was a simple fix provided you knew what was going on. I had just happen to read an article about that morning at breakfast.
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    Re: What to use to clean screen..?

    All I have ever used is 2 wads of toilet paper one damp and one dry. I have never had a problem with scratches on lcd panels.
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    Re: Places to Buy Custom PCs

    What country is Time-Space located in? Seriously though I will make the assumption you are American if not and you are Canadian pm me, I own a small computer shop and can build and ship stuff if...
  9. Re: PC builders, how do you compete with major manufacturers?

    Looks like I touched on a bit of a nerve. I do like the idea about setting up two machines next to each other, one custom one not. I don't know that I have to continue with the upgrades as I can...
  10. PC builders, how do you compete with major manufacturers?

    I recently opened a computer shop, and everything has been going great. I am having trouble building machines with individual parts that are priced as well as HP machines for example. I am an...
  11. Re: PC Perspective / Intel Lynnfield system giveaway!!

    Sign me up.
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    Re: Geocities Shutting down

    I am going to have to agree with you. I miss midi background sounds to sites. I still remember getting my Sound Blaster PCI 128 and thinking man the midi on this thing rocks.
  13. Sticky: Re: Members and Newbies: Introduce Yourself to The Forums

    Age: 32
    Location: Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada
    Interests: I like long walks in the forest and romantic sunsets......ok I am lying I love gaming and need to get more sun.
    Occupation: Computer store...
  14. Re: Alien apocalypse vs. zombie apocalypse: Which could you survive?

    I am definitely going to have to say zombie apocalypse. I have this after all.
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