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  1. Re: What if you put "Stability" at the top of your wish list?

    If you want your PC to boot fast (and continue to do so), simply use an SSD as your primary drive.
    IMHO, probably the number one reason for computer slowdowns over time is malware/adware. I use...
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    GTX 570 dies after 11 months

    I own a Galaxy GTX 570. I had a decent OC on it but with a very small overvoltage set. It performed superbly for 11 months with very good temps but then, a few days ago, it died while gaming....bad...
  3. Re: Need help with REMOTE support - load bios defaults (AMI)

    Thanks ud, I used Google Voice to call her cell and talked her through the process of using the arrow keys to "Load Setup Defaults" and then "Save and Exit Setup". It worked like a charm. I have no...
  4. Re: Need help with REMOTE support - load bios defaults (AMI)

    With Google Voice, it will transcribe your voice mails into e-mails. But so far, that doesn't work in Russian!
  5. Re: Need help with REMOTE support - load bios defaults (AMI)

    Thanks, Ud. I'll direct her to the "Exit" page and have her use the arrow keys as you suggested. I'm operating pretty much blind and deaf considering the language barrier.

    My friend seemed to...
  6. Need help with REMOTE support - load bios defaults (AMI)

    I have a friend in Russia who's getting the "press F1 to enter Setup, press F2 to load defaults and continue" at every boot up. I'm guessing (and hoping) that this is not a battery issue. I think the...
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    Best Online Backup for full system recovery

    I have a Yahoo store that I access from one computer. I want to start doing automatic online backups for that one computer. I'm reading about one that Yahoo is advertising called SOS Backup. It talks...
  8. Re: Chipset/Storage drivers needed for Windows 7?

    I found some Intel INF Utility to run which should tell me if anything is needed.
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    Re: Highly pleased with my new GTX 570

    That's quite an aggressive fan profile. I usually start by finding the fan speed that I just start to find irritating and work DOWN from there. On my GTX 570, I found that point at about 74-75%.
  10. Chipset/Storage drivers needed for Windows 7?

    Thursday, I'm flying to Chicago to build a rig for my friend. It will be a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit rig with a Core 2 Duo on an GA-P43-ES3G Gigabyte board.

    Do I need to load any drivers aside...
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    Re: Highly pleased with my new GTX 570

    Sorry - I don't know. Since I know I will never mess with it, I never really looked into what that referred to.

    That makes me wonder what speed your fan is spinning at. Since I never really...
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    Highly pleased with my new GTX 570

    Thought I would pass on my GTX 570 experience. I recently got a Galaxy GTX 570 from the egg for $345 with a $30 MIR.

    No 6-pin power converters were included and the card had no fancy graphics on...
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    Re: The Upgrade Dilemma

    What...are you psychic?

    You know if you think about it. It we had no idea what each poster was referring to, we could create a game where you had to be the first to guess what they meant. Now THAT...
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    Poll: Re: What do you think about refurbished products?

    I've had great luck over the years with refurbed video cards.

    I try to avoid refurb mainboards. But once, after I found out just how fragile LGA 775 sockets are (and mangled one), I sent the...
  15. Thread: Newly built PC

    by Chiles4

    Re: Newly built PC

    Are you getting a single "good" POST beep?

    If not, you've got a serious issue.

    If yes, your monitor isn't receiving a video signal for some reason.

    I assume you're not getting any post...
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    Re: $250-$300 To Spend on new Video cARD

    I just ordered the Galaxy GTX 570 for $345 plus a $30 deals close to $300 are out there.
  17. Re: Is it time to upgrade yet, or should I wait another year or so?

    I would think that going with a 24" monitor and thus gaming at 1920x1280 would bring your system to its knees.

    As said, it depends on what you consider an acceptable frame rate. You can probably...
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    Re: See what kind of lunatics used to post here?

    I think people tend to bounce back in every now and then depending on what's going on in their lives. I used to be here every day but the amount of games I buy and the all the pc building and...
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    Re: Do you know what this web site is???

    Thanks 3dfx. After spending a LOOOONG time re-educating myself about ATI (being a current Nvidia user for quite some time), I ended up snagging a used HD 5870 for a great price on fleabay! It always...
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    Re: LCD TV to Speaker Bar connection confusion

    Thanks. Could not find a manual. From all the research I think you're right. I will have to use an optical cable from the TV to the speaker bar. I just hope that will cover "all sound".

    Would I...
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    Do you know what this web site is???

    I typed "HD 6870 vs. HD 6950" in my Google search box in the upper right of my browser and I get a list of results in Google. So I go ahead and click on this one.

    Even though it pretends to be a...
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    Re: Any good action rpg's u can recommend?

    Another vote for the Mass Effect series.

    Me too. As brilliant as KOTOR was, I couldn't get very far in it - way too many RPG elements for me.

    Yeah, that's the ah-ha moment of the Mass...
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    Re: GTX 460 Yes? No?

    If, as according to your specs, you're coming from a 4350, the GTX 460 should rock your world. And yeah, IMHO, it packs the best bang for the buck.

    I will say that I tried upgrading from to a 460...
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    LCD TV to Speaker Bar connection confusion

    I'm totally confused about hooking a speaker bar to a TV. I'd like to get the Panasonic SC-HTB500 speaker bar for use with my Vizio "320" LCD TV (about a year old and not an "ARC" TV).

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    Re: How to erase cell phone before recycling it?

    JSL was right on. There's an option called Security where you can reset the phone to defaults...and somewhere in there (nearby) is an option to erase all contact info (not under Contacts like you'd...
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