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    Re: To buy Ati 4890 yes or no?

    Not that it is too expensive, but I guess the bigger question is, what are you currently using, what do you want to do, what games are you trying to play, do you plan on saving up for better?
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    Re: Do you like case badges?

    I like case badges, but my main system rotates hardware about every year or sometimes less. I wouldnt be able to keep up with changing them and still have a nice front face on the system. The case...
  3. Thread: PC in a car?

    by Mickey21

    Re: PC in a car?

    Though I have gone the imac mac mini in the dash, 7 inch motorized screen, Streetdeck, GPS, bluetooth connected, mic, camera, very integrated route in the past on my 2006 550HP Pontiac GTO, it doesnt...
  4. Re: I need a bigass case, can anyone suggest a place to get one?

    If you are looking for a big ass case. Then look not much further than like their Ascension Extended Custom Case:
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    Re: Formatting drive Question

    Without knowing what laptop your are referring to, I can only partially make my suggestions.

    First, I dont know of a (assuming windows XP on restore) limitation at 24GB for windows, this might be...
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    Re: My 5 disk RAID 0 WD1002FAEX benchmarks

    Yeah, I dont think I would RAID0 5 drives... If you dont care about the data at all, well then ok. RAID5 will be nearly as much performance with a decent chipset and much safer to the very likely...
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    Re: Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB

    To the poster above:
    OMG what a silly comparison. 1 TB of storage with modest speed versus 60GB of storage with not even twice the speed really.
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    Re: Motherboard wont accept my Graphics card

    I suspect your slot is the fault based on your observations. Not all graphics cards use the all the pins and not all graphics cards are similarly susceptible to failures on the motherboard. It...
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    Re: which laptop is better for gaming

    Agreed, second one. Unless he wants it to be more portable.
  10. Re: can u run a game if your cpu speed is lower than with it needs

    Megahertz ratings are kind of out of date and with i3 i5 and i7's it only gets more complicated. It is hard for software makers to be able to fit ALL of the various forms of hardware out there on...
  11. Re: Cheap and Best Place to buy APC battery replacements

    Not the cheapest and depends on where you are, but I would look for a local battery company if possible. Most times they supply batteries for UPS's as well. When I was back in central Texas I used...
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    Re: What size PSU for i7?

    Ok look, you are going on about nothing...

    First of all I never called out my own build, I was replying to the fella that asked me about 44TB and on about questioning my build etc. Not the OP.
  13. Re: looking for info on Network administrator career.

    Good info above. In most cases Network Administrators are people who started from the ground and worked their way up. A general knowledge of how computers work and function is very key to ever...
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    Re: anti virus gt!!??

    It seems like you have multiple computers, pull the drive and scan it from the clean system if that is convenient enough for you. Otherwise I would download a utility called Hirens Boot CD. Search...
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    Re: Network drive visable through a switch

    I believe your issues (without knowing) is that you are utilizing your WAN port. If you want to use your router as a switch even though you turned off DHCP, you cannot use your WAN port on just...
  16. Re: Any thoughts on this 2 GB version of the GTX460?

    +1 if you need that kind of memory, go for a better GPU. Not much point with this type of setup and 2GB... I think it is kind of a waste since you got to slow the card down...
  17. Re: motherboard appears to be massively under volting

    Does increasing the voltage increase the realized voltage respectively? But as mentioned, you might have other issues you should test for line power supply voltages under load and firmware updates...
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    Re: oc evga gtx460 1gb SC

    Might want to also invest in the inexpensive wattage meters for your system. Handy just to get overall ratings on how much power consumption you are using over time etc. But personally I would back...
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    Re: What size PSU for i7?

    If you must know it is:
    2 x 8 Port Dell Perc 5 SAS/SATA PCIE Cards (RAID 5) - 16 Drives
    Onboard ICH10R (RAID5) - 6 Drives

    Really not that hard and the Perc5 cards are dirt cheap off ebay and...
  20. Re: PC powers on for 1 sec. then shuts off - Gigabyte P55-UD4P, i5 750 (*SOLVED!*)

    Likely a fault in an isolated case. I wouldnt worry about trying another one. There are always bad ones in the bunch. Gigabyte used to be at the bottom of my choices but they do represent one of...
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    Re: Scythe ninja install?

    The tension should be similar no matter which scythe you are talking about. The intel stock HS can be a bit tighter than most though. It is possible your clamps are a little out of shape and could...
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    Re: What size PSU for i7?

    The biggest most efficient quality power supply you can afford. I know that answer sounds obvious but really it is that simple. Dont skimp if you can afford not to. It also depends on...
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