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    Re: What would be a good upgrade

    I just recently upgraded to s939 with a 3700sandy and 7800GT. The difference is huge, and I'm loving it. HL2 and Doom? butter. If you do upgrade, get the new opteron 148's and 150's. San diego...
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    Re: DTR Clawhammer vs FX-5X

    I think so, but expecting 2.5 is pretty optimistic. GL getting a good one.
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    Re: Zone Alarm, XPSP2 Firewall, other?

    I personally use BitDefender. Works extremely well for me. Also using sp1 and behind a router ;)
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    Re: Have i just made the wrong decision?

    You won't be dissapointed. TCCD or VX will make that system purrrrrr.....
  5. Re: Anyone read an article (Intel vs AMD) in computer gaming mag?

    Not the centrinos, those really do suck. The Dothans, however, are shaping up to be nice procs. Man, I'm glad I don't spend money on a magazine with a clear bias towards a company.
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    Re: Best 939 CPU core for ocing????

    Since they're both the same week, and probably from the same batch if you ordered them from the same supplier at the same time, they may perform around the same levels. Pop them both in and find...
  7. Re: 939 + A64 3000 Winchester or 754 + A64 3200 DTR

    My 3200 DTR OC's like crap, 2.2 max :mad: go with the winnie, you'll have a better chance at a kick ass chip. my .02 :\
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    Re: Need 500w+ PS for overclocking/ which one?

    Running on a PCPC right now, used to have a fortron 520w. Both awesome psu's. I'd go with the fortron simply because of the money saved.
  9. Re: Eight power supplies compared ; There really is a difference

    Aside from my first 510w deluxe blowing up (figuratively) within 2 weeks of getting it, the second one is an incredible psu. I didn't expect the enermax to live up to OCZ though, wow.
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    Re: Windows XP Processor drivers????

    Why not use the K7 drivers? XP's are all K7 chips... Are you overclocked, cuz 2ghz isn't a xp1400. Look in wcpuid, if it detects the full cache (256k i'd imagine) i wouldn't be too worried.
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    Re: help, need a fan how-to

    If you have a fan lying around that you're never going to use, just cut the wires of each fan and solder/heatshrink the plug from the useless fan onto the 120 wires?
  12. Re: Which is best? AIW 9800 SE / PRO - Powercolor or Sapphire?

    oops... good catch. just did a quick linky :bang:
  13. Re: Which is best? AIW 9800 SE / PRO - Powercolor or Sapphire?

    Yikes... where do you live that it costs 417$ for a 9800pro????

    Miles ahead of the SE, and cheaper. Unless you're...
  14. Re: When the friggin hell are the new drivers comming out?

    Still having problems? That... sux. 4.10's are kickin it just fine and quake, tfc, ut, halo, farcry have never looked better :cool: :cool: :cool:

    edit: Didn't they do the 256 fix in one of...
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    Re: Connecting console to PC

    Well... there's no way to get your ps2 to hook into your monitor. But... there's wireless connectivity. If you've got the money, might wanna check into it. Here's an interesting little product:
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    Re: No ID etched on Athlon chip!?!?!?

    Etching on the chip stopped at the palomino's. bartons and tbred's use the black sticker and the only etching on the chip is the little square thingy in the corner, which has no relevance to the...
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    Re: DFI Infinity Ult & 2400+

    ram ratio values will run your ram slower then the fsb you set. Soo.... on a 2/3 multi, setting the fsb at 200 will run the ram itself at 166mhz. higher fsb will usually give better performance,...
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    Re: PC Power & Cooling, Enermax, or Antec

    No OCZ Power Stream? Out of the 3 you posted, get the pcp if you can afford it. But, I'd recommend the ocz as the pots are external, excellent rails, and cheaper than the pcp.
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    Re: AMD 64 3700+ DTR vs 2.0 GHz Centrino

    Is price an issue between the two systems? I'd agree with oralpain, gpu's gonna limit the power of either those chips.
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    Re: P4 3.0C Northwood and Trying to OC

    Prime95 will put you at full load real quick. Install it, select just stress testing, and hit up torture test. Do the one that makes the most heat, then take a...
  21. Re: After isntalling catalyst Montior goes black after windows XP logo

    Have you tried turning down the refresh rate? That can cause a monitor to stop displaying, somethin about frequencies being out of range.
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    Trouble with my Download speed

    Maybe someone here can help. For the past while now, my dsl has been utter crap. I can only download at about half the speed I should be. I've checked everything. Tried it with this computer, and...
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    Re: Kingston Hyperx BH5?

    They are BH-5, there's a thread going at They've all confirmed it.
  24. Re: Trying to find a video card that meets my needs and budget.

    I'd have to agree with bad boy. If you're thinking long term, then the 6800 is the better choice. Plus, it supports PS 3.0 (which doesn't mean much now, but may later for some games, so it's more...
  25. Re: what do you think of the new NZXT NEMESIS case

    That case is the result of getting kicked out of good-case-heaven and hitting every ugly tree on the way down to the earth.
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