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  1. A tip for getting 3D Stable at high FSB speeds

    I'm sure that this has been braught up many a times here, but I'd just like to give a tip on increasing 3D Stability. For about the past 3 weeks I had been running my computer at 240x10 with 2x256MB...
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    Re: Your New Infinity Okay?

    Just wanted to post an update becuase you don't see very many praises on these forums.

    The mobo i got back from newegg booted up to 240x10 right out of the box with the 11/27 default bios and...
  3. Enabling ATA 66 on Pioneer 116 DVD-Rom with Nvidia Drivers

    I have the latest Nivida chipset drivers off of the Nvidia site. My pioneer DVD-ROm drive is only one of very few drives that can run at ATA 66, and the performance difference between DMA 33 and DMA...
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    Double Sided BH-5 affects acheivable FSB?

    I know that double-sided BH-5 sticks do not perform well with CPC on, but what I want to know is if Double-Sided sticks can still generally reach the same FSB with CPC off as single sided sticks can?...
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    Re: Your New Infinity Okay?

    I got my Ultra Infinity from Newegg and it worked fine for two months, then just suddenly crashed and died. RMA'd it and they were pretty good about it, got a new board back a week later, but the new...
  6. Help! My Bios Chip Crashed and Now even a new one won't work!

    About two weeks ago my bios, along with my bios savior, was borked when trying to update to the 5/05 bios on my NF2 UI. Since then I have tried hotflashing a chip myself, which I thought was...
  7. Re: Heatsink Compatibility Question on Infinity

    Really? I've read that it competes up there with the thermaltake volcano 12 and thermalright SLK 947
  8. Heatsink Compatibility Question on Infinity

    Has anyone tried, or does anyone know if the ZALMAN CNPS7000A-Cu Pure Copper CPU Heatsink/FAN will work on an infinity
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    Can I use a 3.3 Volt Bios Chip

    Is a 3V Bios chip absolutely necessary, or can I use a 3.3 Volt chip?
  10. 5/5 Bios Can Corrupt a bios and a bios saviour?

    I received my RMA NF2 Infinity board the other day and hooked up the bios savior. I then flashed the ORG and RD1 bios to the 11/27 official bios. Today I tried flashing the RD1 Bios to the 5/6 beta...
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