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  1. games with 16gb system requirements...fact? or fiction?

    i've noticed that there is a growing list of games that are BOLD enough to state system requirements that break the 8gb system memory barrier.

    According to the developers, It appears that
  2. usb folder from asus intel chipset driverset, needed or not for

    i've running a P5KE-wifi/ap motherboard (P35 chipset) and I'm looking to use the most current drivers that i can for all of the motherboard components.

    I noticed that the most recent intel chipset...
  3. Re: Soltek EQ3801-300P NIC Issues (onboard and wireless)

    i guess i can also add that i am not using activearmor and i have disabled the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option in the nic control panel

    i do notice that despite...
  4. Soltek EQ3801-300P NIC Issues (onboard and wireless)

    System is as follows:

    -Soltek QBic EQ3801-300P with NForce 3 chipset, Bios Vers R1.8 (latest)
    -apic is enabled in bios
    -DLink DI-524 wireless router with newest firmware
    -Trendnet TEW-424UB...
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