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    Re: Seagate 500 GB Problems

    checkdisk might be able to rebuild the mft for you, its saved directories on some pretty trashed hds for me before

    try chkdsk c: at the command prompt (where c is whatever drive letter you got on...
  2. Re: Getting rid of 75FRN2-RL solved two problems

    I had alot of old problems with my FRN-L, but that board also was running a 1700+ Acore at 1920 or so mhz, so I could understand why, it couldnt keep up with the overclocking and over time i had to...
  3. Dedicated Page File Partition Problem

    I just decided to create a dedicated partition on my new second sata drive for my pagefile (had been running on the only partition of my ide backup) but now that i have a dedicated partition, i keep...
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    Ouch - Cry for Help - Blazing A64

    Right now I'm using a newcastle .13u Athlon 63 3200+ in an antec sonata with both 120's operating at forced 7v isntead of fan only. Using a Thermaltake silent tower heatsink with a 92mm papst at 7v...
  5. Thread: A Dell

    by IKilledMyAGOIA

    Re: A Dell

    Firefox, m8

    usually custom browsers are tailored out of IE code which means they are less secure. and have the same kinda problems that ie has (like dial up connecting even w/ broadband)
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    Re: DSL connection

    my verizon dsl did the same thign for about 2 months, until they realized that my calling every day indicated a bit of a problem... i even had a tape recorded message of all of the steps that the...
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    Re: question - 2 devices on network.

    what kind of hardware are we talkign about here.... router meaning dsl modem/router combo, and gateway just a switch or wireless router/switch?

    right now im using a "dsl router"/modem provided by...
  8. Re: What is the difference between the K8x800ProII v1.0 and v2.0?

    could it be the v.2 uses a pro chipset, like abit nf7-s rev 2 using ultra 400 nf2 instead of the nf7-s r1 using plain nf2?
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    Re: Upgrade Question

    check out the power supply in your vaio

    i've seen a 300w antec psu run a 6800gt + full amd xp system, but im not sure of the power consumption of your (p4, right?) base system

    that said, check...
  10. Chaintech AA6800nu softmod to 16 pipes?

    I was wondering whether anyone has this card and has tried out the new riva tuner 16 pipe mod already.

    THe [h] article I read on this only cited results on the v9999Goofus Edition(have to be to...
  11. Re: why the hell is this card so expencive?

    looks like it has ethernet in/out and a BNC so that it can be slaved into part of a massive graphics processing hub

    only thing is its only agp, not agp pro, so it'd still be limited by that, and...
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    Re: Which 6800nu has faster memory?

    imo you cant beat the chaintech AA6800 nu

    got it for $300 2-day from newegg

    recommended oc on the oc'ed card is 411/885 in the overclocking program chaintech provides

    if you are looking at...
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    Re: Mhz for Mhz what faster 64 or XP?

    just a little misinformed, thats all it sounds like

    the a64 3000 at stock would destroy the 2300mhz xp, 3200 at stock even more so, 2.3ghz 1meg cache would blow away about a 2.7ghz xp
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    Re: After 4 years... we're still playing Diablo 2. Why?

    ahhh, what a great Diablo Anonymous meeting

    Blizzard games do that to you, and i cant wait until the team cranks out guild wars

    i just keep repeating after about lv 65 with my chars, going back...
  15. Re: Talk about expensive! A64 3700+/3800+ appear on Froogle

    i was hoping for the same for my next upgrade way down the road, but it looks like the athlon 64's are as low as they are going for now, like the 9800 pro, which didnt move after x800 pro launch
  16. Re: Mushkin PC3500 lvl 2 BH5 or higher for A64?

    it would be insane to see a board go higher than the max for BH-5

    stick with that, 3200 is best suited for amds, and some 3700 and alot of 4000 sticks havent worked very well in a64 boards
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    well, via traditionally has the better...

    well, via traditionally has the better southbridges, and since the basis of a64 boards is in the sb, as most nb stuff (that via usually screws up on) is on the cpu itself

    so i'd say go via
  18. what are your memory timings?

    what are your memory timings?
  19. hahahaha I like it most when those 15-year old...

    hahahaha I like it most when those 15-year old bi-curious skinhead guys come into a forum with the sole purpose of getting riled up, or getting others' hearts going

    thats why the mods have this...
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    FUBARed DVD drive

    well, to begin, my drive was kinda cheapo right out of the box (ARTEC)

    it was perfectly fine until i put in my geforce4

    power dvd quit playing dvds because of a copy protectio nthat wouldnt...
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    always wait i killed a dvd drive by flashing...

    always wait

    i killed a dvd drive by flashing firmware and not waiting to restar - always keep the wait to restart idea in your head if flashing from floppy
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    no surprise there, I would doubt its much better...

    no surprise there, I would doubt its much better than the FRN1, even
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    WEll I've been given a $1200 budget, which,...

    WEll I've been given a $1200 budget, which, leaving out $100 for my own well being, gives me $1100 to buy/steal/build a schweet computer (just kidding on the stealing part, trolls suck :mad: )

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    Soltek socA QBic anyone use?

    Was wondering if anybody here has tried out or heard of soltek's mini-nf2 system. New build coming up and wondering if that would be a K-A option, since the Shuttle nf2's kinda bombed out.
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    wonder how it compares to frn2-rl or the new nv400

    wonder how it compares to frn2-rl or the new nv400
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