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  1. Opteron Dual core: will it work on this mobo?

    it's socket 939 and says it's compatible with Opterons but no mention of the dual core Opterons. Anybody?

  2. "Safe to remove hardware device" on K8N NEO2? wtf?

    Just built a box for someone and following a smooth XP Pro install, I keep getting the " safe to remove device" icon in the tray. It lists the Seagate SATA 160GB as the item to be removed. How do I...
  3. Re: Loading SATA driver on K8N Neo Plat for 754?

    I skipped the F6 deal completely and everything worked swell. On previous attempts when F6'ing and installing both, I would get a lengthy hang before XP would load.

    Thanks for the replies.
  4. Loading SATA driver on K8N Neo Plat for 754?

    What's story on the F6 routine when asked for additional controllers for XP install on a K8N Neo Plat for socket 754? Do I load both "RAID" and IDE storage controller? I'm not going to be running...
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    VIA 754 mobo with working PCI/AGP lock?

    I've had my MSI K8T Neo FIS2R for awhile now and have no complaints with it. I've been busy with other things over the last few months and was just wondering if there's a VIA 754 mobo out that has a...
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    Re: who likes thier 64's?

    This is the nicest PC I've ever built for myself. I'm crazy about it. It does everything I ask of it and there are no idiosyncracies either like cold boot probs, temp anomalies etc. EVERYTHING works...
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    Re: MSI K8T FIS2R to K8N... worth the change?

    I like the FIS2R too much to move to an nvidia board. I've been running 217HTT ( DDR434) for a few months now with a dual 36GB Raptor RAID 0 array and it's been smooth as silk.

    I guess if you...
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    Re: Post Your Best A64 3200 Stable OC

    Rig in sig. Tested it stable up to 10x220 but leave it at 217 due to no AGP/PCI lock. Plenty fast and as about as stable a rig as one could ask for. :)

    FYi : CO stepping 3200+ clawhammer ( 1MB L2...
  9. Re: Clawhammer or Newcastle, which would you get?

    Ditto, I have one running 10x217HTT ( mild OC ) with a RAID 0 raptor setup and it chews thru everything. Lovin' the 1MB L2 cache. :D
  10. Re: Anyone running Linux on a K8T Neo FIS2R?

    I ordered it because I can. :) Plus you get a nice support deal too which I'm sure I'll take advantage of being a linux noOb. The SuSE 9.1 Pro pkg consists of both 32bit OS, 5 CD-ROMs, 2 double DVDs,...
  11. Anyone running Linux on a K8T Neo FIS2R?

    Just curious. If you are, post results and any difficulties/solutions you may have run across.

    Just ordered SuSE 9.1 Pro ( 64 bit AMD support )

    Thanks in advance for any replies/advice. :)
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    Re: New driver for VT8237

    I'm getting better numbers than I did before in the smaller file sizes with ATTO and my HDtach 2.70 graph is very consistent and avg's 100.5MB/s.

    Sweet, thanks for the headzup. :)
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    Re: K8T Neo-FSR any good?

    I have the FIS2R version with all da extra stuff on it. Runs terriffic and everything WORKs on it. How often have you said that about ANY AMD mobo?

    Alot of people are "upgrading" to nvidia's NF3...
  14. Re: Are there any other 754 boards people are waiting on?

    I'd like to see what DFI has up their sleeve. :)
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    Re: Buying a new system… sour comments

    That's a very nice system and when you get it, invite your naysayers over with their Geforce 5700 / intel rigs and you can hand them a serious spanking. Have a box of tissues on hand to handle their...
  16. Thread: CPU decision

    by PC Abuser

    Re: CPU decision

    what he said ^^^
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    Re: Asus K8N-E nForce 250 Specs Confirmed

    $189 at zipzoom

    better you than me at that price.
  18. Re: AMD 64(754) And Double sided DIMM's a NO NO?

    It's more a case of finding a pair of 512's that will work properly. There are several brands that do and several that don't. I'm able to run 220 HTT easy with these ( see sig ). Haven't tried higher.
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    Re: I want this board... NOW

    Hopefully they'll make an "Infinity-like" version that's cheaper and without all the fluff. I'm not JUMPING on ANY of the first NF3 250 mobo's out there. I want to wait and see which one can "do the...
  20. DFI AMD64 mobos? which chipset(s) and anytime soon?

    Topic header pretty much spells it out.

    A quick howdy to me bud RGONE too. :D

    cheers, da 'buser
  21. Poll: Re: For all those who waited are you really buying a 939 at the suggested prices.

    754 will "become" the value line probably sometime early 2005. I dropped $282 for a 3200+ / 1MB A64 and while it might sound silly, a small part of my decision to do so was to THANK AMD for all the...
  22. Poll: Re: For all those who waited are you really buying a 939 at the suggested prices.

    I'm keeping what I have. I've had it for a couple months now and Athlon XP's seem so "yesterday" to me. :D I did the whole Mobile XP / DFI Infinity / HI FSB / BH5 thing but wanted VIA's excellent...
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    Re: HELP ME!!! K8T Neo

    Try some different ram. Dunno if that's your problem but it's worth a shot. This mobo is EXTREMELY picky about ram.
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    Re: KT8 Neo FIS2R & USB Problems...

    What BIOS are you using? I'm using BIOS version 1.6 and not having any probs. Have you updated windows to SP1 and then let XP do a "search" for the USB 2.0 divers? If not, you need to.
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    Re: K8T Neo memory tip

    That's weird. I ordered mine right off Crucial's website. Had it in two days.

    As far as Mushkin Basic, I can't speak to that, but I did try 2 x 512 Mushkin Level One PC3500 and it wouldn't even...
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