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  1. Re: Same audiostream from multiple audio ports?

    Hello again,
    I picked up a reasonable splitter from Monoprice. Now only a negligible loss of quality. I suppose I could live with this.
    Nonetheless, I found a USB sound card, unknown brand, but too...
  2. Re: Same audiostream from multiple audio ports?

    Doesn't hurt to buy a new splitter. A good quality one. Found one from Monster Cable for a mere 10$ I'll begin with that and revert back.
  3. Re: Same audiostream from multiple audio ports?

    Might I add, the splitter I was using was a Aiwa, over a decade old, and I doubt I paid more than 2-3 USD for it. Do you think it might have anything to do with the quality of a splitter?
  4. Re: Same audiostream from multiple audio ports?

    I did. And it seemed acceptable so long as I was doing nothing of consequence. Windows sounds, skype chat. But the moment I put in a Audio CD, i felt like I had lost detail all around, more...
  5. Same audiostream from multiple audio ports?

    My problem is rather peculiar, and a google search proved unsuccessful.

    I built my PC using an old server cabinet. So there wasn't provision for front ports. Nor did this motherboard come...
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    Alternative to dbPowerAmp

    I've been using dbPowerAmp's Music Converter forever. My audio CDs started out lossless on my PC. However I just purchased a low-capacity underwater MP3 player, and I need to drop music to 128kbps,...
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    Multiple Web Browsers

    At my workplace, we're very short on computers, so there's about 5 of us using one PC. Each one of us uses a different browser.

    Now so as to not waste time, we don't log out of our mail/file...
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    SMPS for HTPC with 11 HDDs

    I built an HTPC for a client, who has now expanded to 11 HDDs.

    Need to upgrade the SMPS. What's the best power supply money can buy, something in the vicinity of 700W, and critically, it must have...
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    Re: system running slow!

    to those that refer to this later:

    i purchased a corsair force gt 120... had a problem cloning my wd 500... clonezilla wouldn't accept a drive smaller than the source... acronis is paid software...
  10. Re: intel hd graphics 4000 vs radeon or gtx?

    well then it's a no go... currently running a 4870, and i can't play CoD6 at max res... i hope to play CoD7, FarCry 2 and Crysys 2 on the new rig... going to go the good ole fashioned route and...
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    SSD for X58 rig

    my HDD has run its course on my now 4 year old X58 i7 920 rig...
    would like to put in a 120GB SSD instead... the X58 supports SATA 2...

    i scoured the market locally, and i've narrowed it down to...
  12. Re: intel hd graphics 4000 vs radeon or gtx?

    thank you!

    if it were you, would you buy 2600K+radeon 6
    or buy a 3820/3770K, and retain an old radeon 4870 1gb?
  13. intel hd graphics 4000 vs radeon or gtx?

    building a new pc, and i'm just wondering if intel 4000 graphics are even comparable with a radeon 6xxx/7xxx series card?

    here in india, going i7 2600K + radeon 6xxx will cost me the same as an i7...
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    Re: system running slow!

    i just plugged in an old internal... ran warcraft off it, and smooth...
    so as far as a new hard drive goes, i believe my present 500 gb was a waste... i've always had atleast 360 free... out of 465...
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    Re: system running slow!

    installed it, didn't make sense to me until i googled SMART

    health status reads good all around!

    so my internal is a WD Black 500 with 30,000 hours powered on
    external a Seagate...
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    Re: system running slow!

    i'm using only 90GB out of 500...

    ran AVG and Spybot... turned out clean...

    i don't understand SMART... all i managed to locate via sandra was smart monitoring enabled...

    putting in...
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    Re: system running slow!

    i considered that and monitor task manager for days...
    cpu usage sustains at 4-6% when idle...
    70-80% running warcraft etc...

    that seems very normal...
    ram usage too peaks at 85% like always......
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    system running slow!

    running an i7 with 6GB DDR3... vista 64 ultimate...
    been stable for 3+ years... suddenly last week, it slowed down tremendously...

    takes 3-4 seconds to restore minimized programs... 8-10 seconds...
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    What is httpd.exe

    I've noticed two instances of httpd.exe (Apache HTTP Server) running in task manager...
    collectively using 70MB ram that i'd love to have at my disposal...
    what is this process?

    thanks in...
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    Re: android data traffic

    thank you kbohip
    however i didn't get to a computer until just now...
    i'd been looking at my phone at work all day, to no avail...
    i get home after and somewhere along the way, the edge connection...
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    android data traffic

    i recently purchased a Sony Ericsson Neo V
    I was fiddling with widgets and i added one preinstalled widget that toggled data traffic. Mindless fiddling with new stuff, i clicked on it, it killed my...
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    Download Monitor

    I have a PC where DU Meter is conflicting with Kaspersky. Can anyone recommend an alternative to DU Meter?
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    Quick Heal Technologies India

    I've been curious for years. Alot of local manufactures here in india like Zenith and HCL supply PCs with Quick Heal AntiVirus Plus.

    Just wondering if anybody overseas has ever heard of it, used...
  24. anti virus (preferably including firewall)

    i'm running windows vista 64 on a x58 chipset i7... been running mcafee total security since day one... my license just expired...
    i'm passing this rig on to my cousin very soon, so i don't...
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    Re: mp3 splitter

    now that's exactly what i had in mind...
    thank you! :)
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