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    Re: Looking to upgrade

    I'm having a problem too. I want to upgrade my R9 390x GPU to another one. Right now I can't max out Witcher 3 and I want to play it on ultra with hairworks on. Back to your question. It's really...
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    Re: Poor CPU perfomance with a 4790K

    Hi Kayn3r,

    I ran the test you asked. The only thing I didn't do was overclock my cpu, because when I attempted to the system wouldn't boot into windows 10 pro 64bit {Just tried 4.4ghz,...
  3. Re: New PC build. Deciding whether or not to upgrade GPU

    I'm currently in the same boat. My system runs fine except in one of my games, which is witcher 3 doesn't run at the full 60fps. It runs slightly less than that. My current monitor is a 23" 1090x1080...
  4. Re: Why does Ryzen 7 1800X performs so poorly in games?

    The Ryzen cpus seem to run better at 1440p or higher. Though most games aren't optimized for Amd Ryzen architecture.
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