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  1. Partition Unallocated Windows 10, Cloning.

    I used the Inateck FD2002 USB 3.0 Dual SATA 2.5" / 3.5" UASP Dock and Duplicator
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    Desktop DVD Drive To USB For Laptop.

    I was wondering if I was able to with some easy, add an internal DVD player from an older desktop and covert that into an external DVD play for a laptop?
    IDE to USB connector.
    Or should I just go...
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    Ethernet problem.

    I have talked to my ISP Provider.
    The modem seems fine and all lights blinking.
    ARRIS Surfboard SB6141
    Windows 10 64bit Laptop.

    I uninstalled Ethernet driver and installed them.
    Checked the...
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    Ryzen on linux

    Since their seems to be so much drama on windows with RYZEN AMD chip, is Linux getting good benchmarks?
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    Buying Modems. DOCSIS 3.1 ETC

    Should people wait for Docsis 3.1 when purchasing a new modem?
    First time purchasing a Modem but makes a lot more sense to me then renting one from my ISP company.
    Are their good sources of news...
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    Re: changes in speed

    Or should you wait for DOCSIS 3.1?
    In a similar position.
  7. Re: Can I use my Cable modem to make free calls??
    Magic Jack is one solution and another one is
    Dont know much about them yet.
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    Re: Net2Phone any one useing voip ?

    I was looking into VOIP also.
    I was looking into Ooma, have you?
    I hope to hear more if you found a solution.
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    Affiliate and supporting PCper

    I am a little frustrated because I wish PCper was more enthusiastic about creating money for its self as a company.
    promoting its self.
    I just am a fan that thinks that Cper could be doing more....
  10. Recovery Media Disc for a Windows OS using Apple OS?

    My friends laptop died and their are only two computers in the home.
    One is a windows 8.1 that wont even turn on after I believe a Flashing the drives accrued or update.

    Their is no...
  11. MS Windows Update and AMD Catalyst Driver?

    I have Windows 8.1
    Satellite C50D-B
    AMD A4-6210 APU 4 core.
    RAM 4GB

    I have installed AMD Catalyst version 14.12 Omega software.

    I had a recent update from MS called,
    It came out...
  12. Re: Windows 8.1 Installed RAM 4GB (3.44 GB usable)

    Oh, that is something I did not know that a APU would do.
    I would think retrieving information from RAM would be adding latency, no?
    That is why fast RAM helps gives APU's more speed boost in...
  13. Windows 8.1 Installed RAM 4GB (3.44 GB usable)

    My question is why is Windows only seeing 3.44GB of RAM when there is 4GB?

    AMD A4-6210 APU
    AMD Radeon R3 GPU
    64-bit OS
    x64 based processor
    Toshiba Satellite.
  14. Re: Cheap sulotion for Skype, Email, and Browser

    What about these types of options.
    The Liva Desktop Link.

    Low cost CPU article link.
  15. Cheap sulotion for Skype, Email, and Browser

    I am looking for a solution that will make it possible to Skype, email and browser.
    I have a phone but no WiFi in my house.
    i could buy a router just to receive emails, skype, etc.

    i have a...
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    Updating Drivers Manually

    Things I have done.
    Checked Windows Update.
    Check Device manufacture and product websites.
    And Device Manager.

    Windows update does not help as it says everything is up to date.
    Device manager...
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    Re: Recording what is on your monitor.

    I think that is only for recording your voice, and not recording the screen and what you are doing on the screen.
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    Recording what is on your monitor.

    I would like to make a tutorial for a someone on how to do something by recording the steps i take to do it.
    I would like to show them through a video and send it to them.
    I would like them to see...
  19. Re: Updating a computer with a USB thumb drive?

    I will tell you if i come up with a better solution or use this one.
    Thank you for the suggestion and help.
  20. Updating a computer with a USB thumb drive?


    I know someone with a dial up connection out in the country.
    this is a problem especially if you want to update your computer.
    any Windows updates would take many hours to do.
    since i...
  21. Running Scandisk on older harddrives makes your PC faster?

    There was a PC guy they came in to a building to fix or do something with the computers. These computers are not mine but he was telling me he had to run ScanDisk. i asked him why and he said it...
  22. How do you know if you have a graphics driver problem?

    This is the problem.
    Every once or twice a day this laptop that i am working on with bug up.
    This is what i see.
    It half frozen, I can move the mouse but need to be patient It is like...
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    Re: laptop 500? Buying 1 in July

    That is true but would i want Windows 8?
    Should i wait for new APU/CPU come out before buying?

    So much to think about.
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    Re: laptop 500? Buying 1 in July

    I was thinking AMD would be a good choices with a dedicated gpu
    I do hear that they actually do have longer battery life then intel but less peformance.
    It is a hard choices.

    no2guncntrl I did...
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    Re: laptop 500? Buying 1 in July

    Well I have not purchased a laptop yet.
    I just dont know yet.
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