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    Re: New site layout...

    Thought I was the only one who felt like this.

    I feel the layout design is cluttered.
    Top Header border could be slimmed down.
    Side content could be brought up more closer to each other...
  2. Re: Saturday April 8 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #15

    Hi everyone!
    I'm late to join, thou I am connected to TS3 for TF2, L4D2, Diablo 3.

    Will be a short night gaming.
  3. Re: Saturday March 5 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #12

    Event has been marked on my Calendar :)
    Hope to attend with the crew!

    Add me as "Ytech - Cross_Neon"

    Suggested Games:
    - Spiral Knights
    - L4D2
    - TF2
  4. Re: Saturday May 30 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #10

    Add me to the gamers list. :)

    I should be able to attend for about 4-6 hours.

    Because I recently did a clean install on my PC, I only have TF2, L4D2, First Templar (2 coop), Alien Breed...
  5. Re: Saturday February 28 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #9

    Hey Lenny and the FF team!
    I am not sure if I will be able to attend, although I will try.

    These are my gaming request:
    - ARMAII - DayZ Mod
    - Left 4 Dead 2
    - Team Fortress 2

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    Re: Having Serious weird issues

    Check the Capacitors too, all of them (Mobo + GPU). They could also cause issues if they're about to go.

    Please set this thread as [SOLVED]. Thanks :)
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    Re: Is My Bluray Burner Dying?

    Great to know! You should set the thread as [SOLVED]
    It must be a new movie that you were trying to watch. The DRM was probably updated when you added the patch. That's usually the sad part about...
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    Re: System powers off by itself????

    AMD Fanatic > What PC Case did you use for this build?

    Since it goes into the "Windows is Shutting Down" mode, that is usually triggered when the Power Button is pressed. Their could be an issue...
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    Re: Cheap sulotion for Skype, Email, and Browser

    dreamer77dd > For the cheapest solution with your provided information, this is what I would use.

    You didn't specify which type of phone you are using. In my case, I have a Nexus5 (with the Tyrell...
  10. Re: Saturday November 8 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #8

    Add me to the list! YTech (Cross_Neon)

    I'm game for more ARMA II as we did during the last big event. We were doing good progress towards enemy grounds (COOP).
    Won't be available all day (other...
  11. Re: Daughters 1st attempt building a low budget gaming & comment please

    emcwiz > Others have some good points and covers you on other aspects.
    I would increase the RAM and increase the GPU.

    The motherboard uses Dual-Channel, so buy the RAM in pairs. Also for gaming,...
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    Re: Do I need a video card?

    Searching for the 3D Canvas website, it brings me to

    I would get a discrete GPU if you plan on using the 3DCrafter Pro to make better use of the POV-Ray raytracing engine. It...
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    Re: Do I need a video card?

    F4Driver > I am not familiar with the 3D software that you are using. From what I could find, the MSTS is not new and the system requirements are pretty low. That's the first thing you want to look...
  14. PSU for SLIx2 with Mid Range System Leaderboard

    Mid Range System Leaderboard is looking good! (Listed on 24-OCT-2014)

    I was curious to know what would be the suggested/recommended PSU of choice if you would have 2 Video Cards in SLI x2 with...
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    Re: Think my vid card is failing

    I prefer the GTX 760, which stands at a good medium. Market at ~ $250.

    GTX 750Ti seems like a good lower performance choice. No hands-on experience with it, though. Market at ~ $150.

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    Re: Think my vid card is failing

    It seems yours components are 4 years old or so. While you are in there, check all the capacitors to see if any are about to go, even those hidden behind the GPU ports on the motherboard. Then...
  17. Re: PCI-E flexible Gen 3.0 riser card VS. PCI-E flexible Gen 2.0 riser card

    Thanks for the clarification Activate: AMD.

    Nice photos, a1684901. The topic is interesting. I'd be interested to learn more and with a little more details about what you're asking - for those who...
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    Re: How many games do you play in a week (or month)

    Warsam71 > I am a little like you.
    On average, I game about 4-6 hours a week.

    Doesn't matter how cool or awesome others games are, I like to play through the ones I have, enjoy then, and then go...
  19. Thread: Vlan #7 ?

    by YTech

    Re: Vlan #7 ?

    KRDucky > I think there was some Linux gamers during the VLan #7, from what I heard on TeamSpeak. So maybe by curiosity, next event, there could be a poll to see actual values.
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    Re: What is the best sub $1k gaming laptop?

    KRDucky > For a gaming laptop at a low budget, you'll be really squeezing it.
    Personally, I prefer SAGER notebooks as a everything laptop that's powerful for gaming (most other brands I've been...
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    Poll: Re: Game of the Month July 2014

    I didn't know there was a game poll for July.
    Wanted to vote for ARMAII :)
  22. Re: Saturday August 9 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #7

    I am here to give out my thanks to AMD, A-TEAM, Fragging Frogs, and everyone else!

    I didn't win anything, but it was great hearing Lenny barge in our game during a gaming crisis and speaking over...
  23. Re: Saturday August 9 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #7

    I suppose my Post update didn't notify everyone...


    I am able to attend the event!
    I've installed TeamSpeak and will need to support to check that it's working correctly. I'll log into...
  24. Re: Saturday August 9 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #7

    I do not believe I'll be able to make it. And current games I do not own.

    I was curious, has DayZ Mod for ARMAII even been suggested and played before? I'm a complete noob at it, but I do have it....
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    Re: Logged out every 10-15 minutes WTF

    I get this often too. 5 minutes at times too.
    I usually refresh to make sure I am still connected before I paste in my post.

    I wonder if it's a anti-spam tactic.
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