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  1. Re: Saturday October 29 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #14

    I'll attend as well. Rainbow Six Siege, Insurgency or Paladins would be great additions too.
  2. Poll: Re: ** Sat July 24 - All day virtual LAN party HERE **

    new member here, steam name = daubzee.
    i will sign on at approx 10-11pm est if you are still on.
    is there a password for the servers or teamspeak?
  3. Re: FREE for you!! Want a copy of Just Cause 2 courtesy of NVIDIA?

    Xps420, q6600, 8gb ram 4870 1gb ddr5, 64gb Kingston ssd, 24 inch gateway and Acer lcd's and a mb pro 13.
  4. Re: PC Perspective / Intel Lynnfield system giveaway!!

    contest entry, thanks!
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    Re: Donate via secure way?

    yea, i missed the last contest as well and may still consider donating. keep us updated.
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