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    Re: Games, Run from SSD or Disc HD?

    Your system as a whole should be a lot more responsive running a SSD for your system drive and then using a large spinning disk for general storage of media and games. If you can afford it use all...
  2. Re: Any way to stop the sound loop you get after a game crash?

    If anyone knows a fix for this I'd be interested. Although I have not had this issue happen in a long time but I'm not playing a wide variety of games anymore either.
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    Re: Recommended sound card for FPS gaming on PC?

    I would say that it depends on how much you are willing to spend. If your onboard audio has a digital output and money is no object by all means get a good external DAC w a head phone amp suitable...
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    Re: Random freezes on Mortal Kombat X

    I would try updating your video card drivers. Alternately if you were already running the lastest you can try an older version. You can also try changing the graphics options in the game. Sometimes...
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    Re: Steam Music Player

    The interface is a bit clunky and kind of a pain to make a playlist but you can access it via the steam overlay so that is going to be it's main advantage over other players.
  6. Re: Saturday May 30 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #10

    I'll be showing up. I can run a Killing Floor 1 or 2 server for the event if needed.
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