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  1. Covert Win7 box to a NAS or something useful for my LAN

    With the end of Win7 coming in a couple of months I have been thinking of converting my old Media Center into a NAS box.

    What is a good NAS for a novice on a home LAN? My first thought would be...
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    I hurt the feeling of my i7-2600k

    Wednesday I finally pulled out the credit card and ordered the parts for a Ryzen 7 build to replace my trusty old Sandy Bridge. Thursday my i7-2600K puked on booting. Eventually I got a BIOS...
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    Is Beyond TV still a good PVR for a Windows PC?

    I have been doing some research for my PVR build. I have been doing Win7 Media Center but the PC is getting old and probably drawing more power than a modern build (possibly a 5350 Kabini). Is...
  4. Re: Grub will not intall AHCI SSD drive, any ideas why?

    Arch, Kubuntu, Mint and OpenSUSE all use Grub2. Most of the current mainstream distros have moved to Grub2. I still haven't been able to get any of the Ubuntu variants to install on my PC. OpenSUSE...
  5. Re: Grub will not intall AHCI SSD drive, any ideas why?

    Well I downloaded openSUSE KDE version and I was able to get it to install. I still don't know why kubuntu and Mint didn't work but this is a start. I haven't used SUSE since 2005 I will give it a...
  6. Re: Grub will not intall AHCI SSD drive, any ideas why?

    Yes I have specified grub to be installed on the SSD. The SSD apears to be the first drive in the boot order because Win7 takes off and is up in less than a minute. That could not happen if it was...
  7. Grub will not intall AHCI SSD drive, any ideas why?

    I have a Biostar/AMD/Win7 box I build in Sept '09. I wanted to try Linux for the first time since I added a SSD a few months ago. The live CD boot OK and the install seems to complete but upon...
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    Problem with No Squint Firefox extension.

    I use Firefox 4.0 and the No Squint extension. If the text zoom is set to 110% the site doesn't work so well. The articles wind up in rendered as a narrow column in the center with a huge amount of...
  9. Re: Windows 7 Impressions. (Post if you're actively using it)

    I Have been using it as HTPC. I really miss the DVRMS Toolbox commercial skipping. Apparently Microsoft really screwed up the API that was used under XP and Vista media center. My cable system...
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    Re: PC Perspective / Intel Lynnfield system giveaway!!

    Good luck to you all.
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