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  1. Need new laptop. Going insane trying to pick one.

    Hey guys,

    So I have been using my current laptop since 2012. It is a Lenovo G570-4334.

    I have repaired it so many times it is now held together with Super Glue and Epoxy. For example, the...
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    Re: pfSense router Mini-PC advice?

    nope. I ended up getting a Ubiquiti Edgemax X-SFP Router
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    pfSense router Mini-PC advice?

    I am looking to pick up a mini-PC for use as a pFSense Router. I have essentially narrowed it down to two machines.....thoughts?
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    Re: Upgrade assistance?

    If I am lucky, under 1K USD. I am willing and totally able to spread it out over months if necessary. I can go up to 2500 but I dont want to at this time as I am considering moving apartments etc or...
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    Upgrade assistance?

    I am looking to treat myself for my upcoming 32nd b-day.

    I shop on newegg as I have a store card with them so that is where I want to get my parts.

    My current rig is:

    CPU: Intel i7-4770k...
  6. Re: ASRock In denial over AMD AM4 Motherboards and Spectre Mitigation.

    I fail to see what there is to deny.

    There is no need to update the BIOS. AMD chips are as of yet not affected by Meltdown due to the architectural differences between Intel and AMD platforms.
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    Looking to upgrade

    Hey guys,

    I am finally going to replace my aging Sapphire Dual X 7970 OC card.

    I am staying AMD as I want to go FreeSync.

    I want to go Freesync2 but currently those monitors are too...
  8. Re: Saturday April 8 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #15

    Im here boys!! Escape From Tarkov
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    Need upgrade suggestions

    I am looking to upgrade my media server hardware. Im currently running an FM1 socket ECS board with an AMD Llano A8-3850 APU. When transcoding, this chip is pushed to the absolute max.

    I dont...
  10. Re: Is Microsoft intentionally sabotaging Wndows Update?

    Oh the joys of Windows
  11. Feeling Angry over Mac or Windows? Need your "special" programs? Read this.

    For those of you considering switching to Linux but feel that you need to keep paying that hefty $50/month fee to Adobe to use their software that you have grown to love, then I think you should read...
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    Re: EFT Alpha Information Video

    In the next hour we will hold rolling alpha test servers restarts to improve their performance. During this time the game will not be available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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    EFT Alpha Information Video
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    Re: Bait & switch fraud by amazon

    Recent AMD GPUs work out of the box using the AMDGPU driver under Linux. If you need more special features (full feature set), you just install the AMDGPU-PRO driver stack which is simple these days...
  15. Re: Escape From Tarkov Developer 2016 Report Video
  16. Re: Escape From Tarkov Developer 2016 Report Video

    The First Wave: Access Open for 25% of Prepare for Escape Owners

    Quote from BB:

    "Dear friends! Just as we promised, today we grant the access to extended Alpha for part of the players who...
  17. Re: Escape From Tarkov Developer 2016 Report Video

    Escape from Tarkov pre-order packages are also 20% off until Jan 2 2017. They guarantee Closed Beta access and the full game.
  18. Escape From Tarkov Developer 2016 Report Video
  19. Re: Saturday October 29 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #14

    I might be there Saturday.

    Recommending Arma 3, Stalker Online, and Cry of Fear

    For Arma 3...... King of the Hill and Exile.
  20. Re: Thumbs down UBUNTU 16.04.1 + mate-1.14 system

    Suggestion: Use Fedora 24 Workstation or Antergos Arch. You can also use LinuxMint but I find Fedora to be more stable and up to date. My Fedora 24 server is rocking Kernel 4.7.5.
  21. Need help setting up Fedora 24 HTPC Server and fighting off Blat Attacks

    Hey guys,

    So I was running a Debian 8.x server for my media collection (emby). I could remote SSH in and access my media library via Emby from any web connection after logging in.

    Recently, my...
  22. Re: Looking for new gaming laptop for OTR trucker

    Such as? I would love to have one that is able to get at least 2 hours of battery (and that is bare minimum...I prefer more)
  23. Looking for new gaming laptop for OTR trucker

    Hey guys,

    I just joined the Commercial Trucking industry as an OTR flatbed driver and need to replace my aging Lenovo G570 since I will be on the road all but 4 days out of the month. I will have...
  24. Thread: Thoughts?

    by KRDucky


    So, Im getting ready to replace my Lenovo G570 Sandybridge workhorse/Linux machine.

    I have been looking in the 500-850 USD range but need some opinions. I have found some cool laptops on Newegg...
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    Looking for new laptop

    Hey guys so I have the problem where I have a hard time choosing computer hardware when products are so damn similar to each other. Therefore Im going to let you guys make the decision for me.

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