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  1. Re: [Sponsored Build Log] The House of the Ryzen Sun

    Hi again,

    Really nice job, looks great.
    I can see what you're doing now, matching the cable colours to the Ryzen box, I'm a bit slow to spot these things ;)

    You mention the powder coating on...
  2. Re: [Sponsored Build Log] The House of the Ryzen Sun

    Thank you for posting, it's very interesting. But maybe needs more detailed pictures. like what is that alphacool printed mat you have on the table?

    Your waterblocks have they been modded by...
  3. Replies

    Re: Ryzen - What is your planned build?

    I am intending to go for:

    x370 Taichi
    GPU not decided yet, 580, Fury (like the PCWorld watercooled Ryzen review), 1080, but now I am reading about the new Vega...
    2 x 8Gb RAM,
    SSD of...
  4. Re: Why does Ryzen 7 1800X performs so poorly in games?

    Hi, The latest I read was that the Game creators are going to be looking at optimization for Ryzen users. Hopefully it will be successful. But honestly, for me, the main thing is that Ryzen is not...
  5. Starting from scratch do you recommend Win 10 64bit or Linux?

    I am creating a new system for myself from scratch. I do "web browsing", "download and watch video" and although I have not played games on a PC or on anything else for a good 15 years....... I want...
  6. Thread: Suggestion

    by Rosanbo


    Hi, I just joined, today.

    First thing I noticed... ...
    First of all, I registered to post comments on the "News" tab at the top of the page. After that was done, I thought, "ok I'll look around...
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