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  1. Thread: Battlefield 3

    by OFaceSIG

    Re: Battlefield 3

    Is anyone else still haven't insanely annoying issues getting crossfire and eyefinity working in BF3?

    I've tried everything I can think of. Latest attempt was a fresh install of win7 with only...
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    cmss-3d PROPER settings help

    I keep reading back and forth on various forums what's the right way to configure cmss-3d and dolby headphone.

    Some say you need to set your game/program's output to 5.1


    set your x-fi...
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    Re: Any Bulldozer rumors?

    Where did you read this? I distinctly remember reading quad cores is the recommended. Therefore I'm going to get a six core BD when it drops. I doubt I'll need 8 for a while.
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    Re: Yet another system upgrade question

    If video work is your passion I wouldn't even bother with a dedicated card. The new sandy bridge processors have excellent video abilities. From the accelerated transcoding to HD playback. Save...
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    Re: Video card companies

    Galaxy is an up and coming brand however I think they only make Nvidia products.
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    FreeNAS CPU usage question.

    Ok so I'm running FreeNAS 0.7.1 on the system in my sig in x86 trim. It's a socket 754 Sempron 2800+ 1.6GHz I believe. I've got 1GB of DDR400 and two Hitachi Ultrastar 1TBs in a soft raid1. When I...
  7. Re: Onboard audio - VIA VT1708S vs. Realtek ALC892

    They are both onboard solutions. They are going to be constricted by cost/tdp/board space all those things. They aren't going to be geared for a "great" end user experience. They are more there as...
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    Re: Do I Really need a Sound Card?

    Absolutely... Unfortunately creative's drivers aren't always the best so the least you can do is get the latest. However drivers aside I'm for ANY hardware that offloads from the CPU. :)
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    Re: Do I Really need a Sound Card?

    Agreed... Gaming X-Fi, high end audiophile Xonar... just desktop stuff you'll be fine with onboard
  10. Re: msi k8n diamond plus win 7 installation nightmare

    tried the silicon images sata controller and the nvidia... thinking about breaking down and connecting a 300gb pata drive I have :(
  11. msi k8n diamond plus win 7 installation nightmare

    Ok I just got a very lightly used k8n diamond plus nforce 4 board. Now I'm having a win 7 install nightmare. No matter what I seem to do in the BIOS with the sata config I can't get win 7 to...
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    m3a76-cm bios 2002 update

    Does anyone out there know what CPUs are supported in the 2002 bios version of the m3a76-cm board by asus. I know very few people in the gamer community have this board. However they finally have a...
  13. Re: Any thoughts on this 2 GB version of the GTX460?

    I really don't believe 2gb on a 460 is going to buy you much. All the sites put the 460 between the 5830 and 5850 in performance. Nearly every video card out almost never benefits from doubling the...
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    BFGtech Radeon

    Damn.... Just read Josh's article on the BFGtech Radeon 5750. So sad about BFGtech, a great company brought down too early.
  15. Re: FREE for you!! Want a copy of Just Cause 2 courtesy of NVIDIA?

    How did you get it to run Mac OS? Are you using Efi-X or did you do some crazy kernel hacking?
  16. Re: FREE for you!! Want a copy of Just Cause 2 courtesy of NVIDIA?

    Here we goes!

    GameRig :
    AMD Phenom II x3 720
    Asus M3A76-CM 760G/SB710
    4x1GB HP/Nanya DDR2 800
    MSI GTX260 Core216 factory OC'd
    Seagate 7200.10 2x400GB RAID0
    SB X-Fi Titanium Professional...
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