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    Re: when case stickers go wrong.

    Hahahahaha thats perfect (too perfect :shifty: )

    Let this be a lesson about why installing stickers is both the most optional and most tasteful choice you can make
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    Re: Monitor flickering help needed


    good work
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    Poll: Re: Game of the Month - July 2016

    Hmm, forgot about Doom. I guess it was last month that I played it. Single player was very enjoyable, definitely a fun, back-to-basics approach to that franchise... much better than Doom 3. Not super...
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    Poll: Re: Game of the Month - July 2016

    Still playing Overwatch. Nothing else to really play.

    Lenny, are you allowed to vote for games you haven't played? :p
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    Re: FreeSync and G-Sync

    Not quite. Basically the refresh rate of the monitor gets tied to your framerate. This is kind of the opposite of vsync, in which your framerate is tied to the refresh rate of the monitor (or some...
  6. Re: Gtx 1080 stuck on 1275mhz boost after few days of idle.

    I wouldn't worry that your card is defective, especially if it just happened once. The fact that others experience it and its not limited to a single model card (ive seen it once or twice and I have...
  7. Re: Gtx 1080 stuck on 1275mhz boost after few days of idle.

    I'd consider installing one to test it out. At worst its just another monitoring utility for your GPU (ala GPUZ). As far as the speed goes, I'm not entirely sure if it matters, but the fact that its...
  8. Re: Enthoo Evolv PWM Hub issue connecting to Asus Z170 Deluxe CPU/Chassis fan connect

    Its a little hard to understand exactly what you're referencing here without more info or some pics. AFAIK all fans use the same connector they always have, with the tab over the 3-pins and little...
  9. Re: Gtx 1080 stuck on 1275mhz boost after few days of idle.

    I occasionally find that something similar happens, like it won't boost up to the appropriate levels and stays at ~1650 instead of 2050, but in those cases Afterburner reports clock speed as being at...
  10. Re: Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Xtreme - is this reason to rma card?

    IMO unless its reproducible I wouldn't consider it reason to RMA. Even if you could reproduce it, this would probably end up on my "not worth the hassle" list unless it became a bigger problem. Maybe...
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    Re: Placing GPUs, Main and PhysX

    I think we're still well in the range of not being limited x8 3.0 lanes at this point. Check your Bios, in some cases it will give you an option of which GPU to initialize first, though it might not...
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    Re: Overheating when folding

    I agree with matt. If the CPU heat is an issue, I would switch to GPU only since the CPU client isn't worth a huge amount in many cases.
  13. Re: discussion : so who is getting a new GTX1060 ?

    It would probably be my pick at that price point if I was in the market, but since I barely use my machine with the 960 in it (as opposed to my 1080 powered primary machine) I don't think I'll be...
  14. Re: Saturday July 9 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #13

    I don't disagree, but historically its not uncommon for that to happen when theres a big new(ish) game.

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    Re: Blast from the past...

    I think I started coming here when I was looking to upgrade my KT133/Duron build to an NF2/AXP machine. Good times back in the day, learned a lot :)
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    Re: What is O-Dog having for supper tonight?

    This week it was gyro time again. Tweaked the tzatziki recipe to tone down the raw garlic and added some quick-pickled red onions. tastes good mang

    also made...
  17. Re: Looking for new gaming laptop for OTR trucker

    Have to agree with pretty much everything you've said here. We should be seeing some updated mobile parts on the new process nodes dropping soon, but unfortunately I think you'll miss the boat on...
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    Poll: Re: Game of the Month - June 2016

    Witcher again for june, loved the hearts of stone and Blood and Wine expansions... they really were as good as DLC gets these days!
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    Re: Thanks for the FUN.

    OP is from 2001
  20. Re: Saturday July 9 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #13

    Depends on what version you have. That install guide mmettin has here is redundant if you have the Steam version, as the content from the post is included IIRC. Just need to drop Fragball into your...
  21. Re: Saturday July 9 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #13

    Hahaha! That was a great time :biggrin:

    thanks for coming out and congrats on winning the motherboard :)
  22. Re: Saturday July 9 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #13

    No gots, but I see its a free to play mod of some kind. I could definitely be persuaded to try it.
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    Re: RX 480 6pin issues

    I don't think it'd be nearly as big a deal if it was drawing extra juice on the 6 pin, but the motherboard draw thing would make me think twice. If the manufacturers talking to Ryan are saying it...
  24. Re: whats is next in line for nvidia pascal line ?

    So, 1060 it is and it definitely looks like its got the chops to be a solid mid-range card at the $250 price point. Sounds as though it will be faster than the RX480 for a modest up-charge vs the...
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    Re: Installing Fragball Stadium

    If you have the steam version the directory to extract will look like this (drive letter depends on your system)

    F:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\unreal tournament 2004\maps
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