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  1. Re: Play Battlefield 4 for a chance to win an AMD R9 295X2 graphics card !!

    I'll be there as well, yay for second shift!
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    AMD gets their best engineer back

    Jim Keller the guy who was mostly responsible for getting K7/K8 up and running is now back at AMD. Now all we need Jerry "Indiana" Sanders (he's 77 but is still badass) back as CEO and AMD will be...
  3. Re: Please give some opinions on Haswell-E platform

    Ok, so for anyone that reads this thread, here is a slight update.

    The 3 Haswell-E CPUs have been leaked; they are 3 Core i7 chips named 5960X, 5930K, and 5820K.

    The 5960X is an 8 core chip...
  4. Re: Please give some opinions on Haswell-E platform

    Yeah, Devils Canyon will be binned parts so they will more than likely OC better (the question is by how much) You do make very good points. I personally have not seen that games have been...
  5. Re: Please give some opinions on Haswell-E platform

    Ok so, I have a 4670k Haswell with the ASUS ROG Hero and 8GB of RAM. I understand that it will be expensive, also, the rumors say it will have both 6 and 8 core versions. My current Haswell does...
  6. Please give some opinions on Haswell-E platform

    So I'm thinking about getting Haswell-E when it comes out around the end of the year (until then I'll be slowly upgrading my cooling and getting a sound card)

    Now some of the pros include a better...
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    Re: TS sound suggestions

    Here's a few, they aren't all very good or memorable but hey, you need to start somewhere :D

    Princess Bride -
    Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it...
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    Re: Questions about todays SSD's?

    Well from a quick search I can tell you that the X-25M G2 had their IOPS at around 14k at a Queue depth of 32. The newer TLC 840 Samsung's with 250GB have nearly 30k at the same Queue depth.

  9. Re: Saturday May 3 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #6

    I'll definitely be attending, I have work though so it'll be 10am to 1:50pm then around 12am to 2ish am :D
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    Re: Saturday Feb 22 10am ET - Virtual LAN party #5

    Coming to you live from work as a hotel tech, woohoo guys!
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    Congrats To PCPer, and Blue Screen info

    First of all, Congratulations PC Perspective for reaching your Indiegogo goal!

    Second, the windows update yesterday made my PC blue Screen and reboot, did a restore to remove and now everything is...
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