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    Re: Windows 10 Upgrade

    seems to work fine on a first generation AM3 socket. Runs roughly the same as windows 8.1 except I was used to 8.1. I have to say, I prefer 8 over 10 in some ways, and 10 over 8 in others. It...
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    Re: CPU Bottleneck??

    Well, you have no choice but to get that processor and 16gb of RAM. I think you'll see a small difference with the CPU upgrade, because of More L3 cache, and it very well might use more cores, but...
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    Re: CPU Bottleneck??

    I apologize for that, CalebMcCarty, if you have no reason to believe there is a power supply issue preventing your hardware from running properly then I won't continue on about that. And I'm not...
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    Re: CPU Bottleneck??

    That CPU and do more research on power supplies. Power supplies are rated at their performance for a fixed (but variable only by what the manufacturer deems "appropriate") temperature in celcius. ...
  5. Re: I am having a pc-dude mental break down and need cyber-counseling.

    I am beginning to believe that people are deliberately being ass-holes because of a higher than usual sense of entitlement. Like, for instance, the refusal to believe that the ISP should not be...
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    Re: video card... not the cpu

    The only real advice I have is to back up your data frequently.

    The motherboard can be screwing up, too. I don't personally like the idea of attaching a new PSU to a possibly failing...
  7. Re: Been out of the computer scene for a while but want to build a monster.

    I had a really bad experience running executables from a seperate partition. The experience was exactly the same running from a seperate partition on the same drive, and from a seperate drive. ...
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    Re: Failing component PSU or Board

    The shelf life of a capacitor is often much shorter than the in-use life because usage prevents degradation of the dielectric. You might want to contact Seasonic before trying that.

    Can say I've...
  9. Re: what was You favorite old school AMD motherboard ?

    I never seemed to buy the right motherboard until I got an AM3 board from Biostar. Only board to break 2 years service. Over 3 years now. NF7-S went out in 2 years, everything else was toast in...
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    Re: What Linux distro do you prefer and why?

    When I had the time to fool with Linux it was Arch Linux for many years. The problem with rolling release Linux, though as said by others, is that it breaks just a tad more frequently. I broke it...
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    Re: Can sata cables go bad?

    Could be a bad drive. That was my recent experience running a single drive. Acted like the cable kept losing connection or something. Tried a bunch of different cables. Every so often it would...
  12. Re: Is it just me? Or do all Belkin routers suck?

    I suspect most of what it comes down to is getting what you pay for. Cheap routers are always poorly supported by the manufacturer. This is a huge problem because network connectivity/compatibility...
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    Re: MSI PM8M3-V rev. 1 - unstable gaming only

    I think your logic pans out, did you say you recapped the entire motherboard? I had a KT133 motherboard once by MSI that had bad caps in all of the peripheral power paths which brought down the...
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    Re: MSI PM8M3-V rev. 1 - unstable gaming only

    It does seem like a poor design. More of them or bigger. Completely aside from that, I had a card with imitation Nichicons on it once. If I'm not mistaken, polymer caps are not supposed to have...
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    Re: MSI PM8M3-V rev. 1 - unstable gaming only

    Before you do anything else, clear the CMOS and load optimized defaults. Then test. That is the only advice I have besides the possibility that memtest86+ failed to detect faulty memory. Which...
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    Re: Quick RAM Question from a newbie

    My worthless take, I have seen motherboards mishandle the SPD timings considerably. I'm not sure why but I think certain BIOS are expecting a certain type of SPD and if it doesn't get precisely what...
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    Re: Corsair Service

    Another possible scenario is a manufacturer that always stands behind their product, but you get tired of RMAing their junk every 6 months. They didn't tell me no, but I just needed a computer that...
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    Re: Windows restarts without warning

    One possible solution found.
  19. Re: HELP!! Is Ivy Bridge worth upgrading from 1st Gen Core i5?!?!

    I prefer to have video cards a little behind the technology of the rest of the system. It is much more cost effective that way.

    For instance, do cpu(ivy), mobo(7-series mobo), ram(DDR1600),...
  20. Thread: SSD or HDD?

    by notdrugged

    Re: SSD or HDD?

    Maybe you can buy another 60gb drive and run them in RAID. Check to see if the SSD drive manufacturer recommends against this first. I think the only thing you can do is experiment. Hope it...
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    Re: Increasingly frequent system hangs

    Don't even think of using that 400w PSU for anything. Dispose of it along with the rest of the system.
  22. Re: Pre-built PC cheaper than what you can buy?

    Alot of people claim to never have problems with OEM hard drives. I'm like you, though, I refuse to buy them. I have my speculations on that. I think we may have similar reasoning but re-hashing...
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    Re: why does AMD continue to drop the ball?

    Sort of. Price still makes AMD attractive. Nvidia, with their massively huge resources finally waking up in a fart cloud to reclaim VGA performance didn't come like a death-knell to me, however...
  24. Re: Pre-built PC cheaper than what you can buy?

    Read as many reviews on iBuyPower as you can, check out their website, and see if that's what you're looking for.

    IMO, though, what's hard about assembling a MB, PSU, CPU, RAM, and VGA? Having...
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    Re: Blu-ray died yet?

    Blu ray is the only widespread format that can hold the data requirements of HD Audio. Otherwise, DVDs are cheap, and they look great on Blu Ray players. I guess you could mention that there are...
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