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  1. Tacoma Seattle Area Lan Party Possibly Nov 19

    Hey everyone, Me and a few others will be hosting a lan party on or around Nov. 19th. We would like to invite anyone else who lives in the area to come and join us. We will be hosting the lan in the...
  2. Poll: Re: Do You Bring Your Own Food/Drink To Movie Theaters?

    I see nothing wrong with it. Movies make so much money on ticket sales and their overpriced Food. Me bringing in some food for the 3 movies i see a year is not gonna hurt them. Not as bad as...
  3. Replies

    Re: aol im'er problems

    One i'd suggest trying a program other then the one from AOL cause its full of spyware and crap. Check out progs like Dead Aim or my favorite trillian at
  4. Sticky: Re: Members and Newbies: Introduce Yourself to The Forums

    Hey im new here Just going to say hi. Im gonna go post somethigs i haven't been able to sell at some other forums so i'll try here. But i wanted to get a little bit of a postcount before i did.
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