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    Re: tub resurfacing fumes

    You are honestly the most unlucky person on earth. You've had so much trouble with college housing, college funding, and now whatever this is. Think about the complaints against the world that the...
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    Re: How do you wipe a USB flash drive?

    Generally, I don't think you're allowed flash drives in top-secret facilities, so the data can't be important enough to have the Chinese beating down your door. Why not just format the drive and...
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    Re: what do you think of these clouds?

    Is it what their from, or what they're from? I'm really not into watercolors, but I'm also not into any art that isn't completely original, so, I'm sorry if my opinion doesn't help. You didn't say...
  4. Re: weird people calling me a about houston to california?

    You have got to be the unluckiest person in the world, or the person in the world most lacking of attention. That's all I have to say.
  5. Re: Computer takes a long time to start up. Sometimes does not.

    If it's been working fine and you haven't added any hardware, then it's not a driver.

    The first step is to run anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on it and see if they find anything, and run...
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    Re: AMD Value Motherboard Recommendation

    If you're running completely stock, with onboard video, then a good brand 400 watt PS should do you fine. Probably even a 300 watt. The 400 watt will allow you to add a video card at a later date,...
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    Re: what would you do in this situation?

    Why not just live in the housing until the lease is up? At least you know you have a place to live, and that isn't bad rent for an apartment. If they have a rule about living in student housing...
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    Re: Beginners Motorcycle

    Hey wb22rules,
    Read my earlier post, you're not the ONLY one in the crowd who says to get a dirt bike, I agree wholeheartedly. I've gone down on dirt, I've gone down on pavement. I'll pick...
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    Re: why haven't YOU bought a scooter?

    That definitely doesn't always work, it's fine for a couple who has their jobs and wants a house in the suburbs. What about a couple who has several horses and needs 30 to 50 acres to support those...
  10. Poll: Re: What is the "norm" for giving notice to your employer?

    Sorry, I didn't mean any offense to Wal-Mart workers.
    AND, I was serious, that Wal-Mart probably won't take you back if you don't give two weeks notice, and working for them is not a bad thing, if...
  11. Re: Guns, Religion, Speech, etc. NOT Constitutional Rights.

    Here's a stupid question. Does our constitution grant us the right to be represented by person's who have our own welfare in mind? Or does our constitution tell us we have the right to choose from...
  12. Re: Guns, Religion, Speech, etc. NOT Constitutional Rights.

    I may read this differently than most, I'm just a little screwed up that way. What I see is that even in our constitution, and bill of rights, the people are allowed to give way to the government,...
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    Re: What would you do?

    God forgive it's actually love...but you wouldn't know anything about that, you get all the love you need from :)
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    Re: Upgrade Suggestions Again

    If you have no plans on overclocking, and I doubt you do, then save a few more bucks and go with this:

    It's a 5600 Brisbane, and...
  15. Re: Can someone tell me how to limit browsing in firefox?

    Your best bet would be to define the acceptable use of computers in your company handbook, and require employees to comply with it. I'm not sure how you can "infect the system" with random browsing,...
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    Re: Satellite Internet

    Hey, I don't live in a remote section of New York, but my ISP out here in Montana started offering Wild Blue about two years back. Apparently only 4 customers were foolish enough to spend the money...
  17. Poll: Re: What is the "norm" for giving notice to your employer?

    A minimum of two weeks. If you don't want to feel that courteous to your present employer, think of how your next employer will feel about your actions. If you can't give 2 weeks notice and spend...
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    Re: New Computer...Who do I.....?

    You should be fine with the 2 GB of RAM on your system, unless you're running a lot of RAM hungry apps, such as photo software, or video encoding software, easy way to tell is to keep an eye on your...
  19. Re: the final straw. why i will NOT use mass transit anymore.

    Hey Old,
    Last post directed at you, since other people seem to think that if I ignore you, you'll go away and make this a better place for all.

    1.) 1198 posts, none of which consisted of...
  20. Re: the final straw. why i will NOT use mass transit anymore.

    I'm sorry, I see this as a computer forum first, and a rant and rave section second. I guess I'm the idiot here, and I guess it's time for me to leave. Nice knowing all of you, and hopefully I can...
  21. Re: the final straw. why i will NOT use mass transit anymore.

    You're the only one complaining about it. I'm happy to do 9 miles on my mountain bike to relax, but needing to do it one way, twice each day, is a different story. If you read your post, and the...
  22. Re: the final straw. why i will NOT use mass transit anymore.

    There you are with your "F" this and "F" that. Nine miles on a bike isn't really practical, if it was, you wouldn't have been looking for a Ford Ranger as a gas miser. I don't know what backwards...
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    Re: Visiting Independence Hall

    I've been there many times, and I don't recall there being an admission price. I'm not sure about it being open on Sunday, but I think it is, since it's administrated by the same park rangers that...
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    Re: Future of online retailers - bleak

    It all comes down to what your state government decides to do about it. Every 10 years or so, Montana tosses around the idea of a sales tax, and people get up in arms, so it's dropped. Why don't...
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    Re: ASUS eepc or the MSI wind?

    I'd never sleep out for a deal either, the deal was, Wal-mart had this deal, it was unadvertised, and I went in at 3 in the afternoon, had to convince the top-of-the-line sales assistant it was on...
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