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    How to test if vid card is defective

    I have a Gainward 6800GT Ultra that I think may be defective. I get these small horizontal lines sometimes across my monitor then the system would lock up. Now before I replace the card, I would like...
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    Re: Just picked up a BenQ FP241W

    I have the BenQ FP202W 20in Widescreen LCD and love it. I have two computers hooked to it and it works great for both. The only issue I have is that it wont auto display at first boot, you need to...
  3. Gainward 6800GT OC & fan control needed for Vista?

    I just upgraded to Vista and now my Expertool will not work with my card. I use it mainly for fan speed control and to OC the card. Is there any other Utility that will OC the card & control the fan...
  4. Any advantage in connecting both ethernet ports to a router for the MSI K8N NEO2 Plat

    I have the MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum with the dual lan ports. Can you connect both ports to a router or will this confuse the MB on which bandwidth to use. I read something about each port working...
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    Re: Finally got Far Cry and Painkiller

    Do you have any info as to what 1.31 patch fixes?
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    Re: Finally got Far Cry and Painkiller

    I have FarCry, Doom3, HalfLife2, MOHPA, Call of Duty UO that i'm rotating play time with. FarCry is the only one that I play the most and have the most fun with. Halflife2 is close but does not have...
  7. Re: How do I adjust voltage with my MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum?

    Read the info on this link. It has some good insight on OC. If you got a OEM CPU chances are the stepping was maybe an old revision. Most box retail...
  8. Re: How do I adjust voltage with my MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum?

    I'm running 2 sticks 2x512mb. When I ran OCZ memtestor, It would report errors at 270@2.85v so I lowered it back to 2.55v and then the errors disappeared. I just raised my dimm voltage recently to...
  9. Re: How do I adjust voltage with my MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum?

    1t Command 1:1 Ratio
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    Re: HTT questions from a newbie

    This has lots of info
  11. Re: How do I adjust voltage with my MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum?

    You can set the Adjust CPU VID to default, the Adjust voltage settings will only come in to play if you plan to OC your chip, then you will need to add some percentage to your default VID. Use CPUz...
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    Re: Aspire 3 days died

    I have the Aspire X-Navigator to replace my SF-201 case. Let me say first that the PSU was defective, it worked for a while then just died during an OC. I sent it back for a replacement, installed it...
  13. Re: How do you remove that boot screen that let's you select the OS?

    slivacki, the first install got messed up, when I reinstalled XP again, I got this screen because it thinks I still need to finish installing XP. Anyway I hope I know which one to edit out of the...
  14. How do you remove that boot screen that let's you select the OS?

    Where do I go to get rid of the boot screen that let's you boot to the OS of your choice. I got the screen after WinXP fail to install the first time. Now if I don't choose the right one I get an...
  15. Re: HL2 images graphic distortion and tearing with Gainward 6800gt

    No change whatsover. What is happening is that on start HL2 the characters arms or legs are twitching, the girl at the beginning that has her arms on the fence when you go thru the turnstyle door,...
  16. HL2 character image flickering or twitching with Gainward 6800gt

    I just installed HL2 and the first thing I noticed is certain parts of the people image distorts or tears like the persons legs or suitcase seem to stretch like its caught on something. The same...
  17. Can you transfer HL2 to another HD without reinstall it?

    I'm about to upgrade my system and was curious if I could transfer HL2 from one HD to another without having to go thru the entire reinstallation process and updates again.
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    Re: Will a HL2 import version be ok?

    CD key is guaranteed to be authentic and never have been registered. If it was no good, then I would instruct my CC to not pay it. Anyhow, the import version should be ok then?
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    Will a HL2 import version be ok?

    I just bought HL2 off of ebay. I did not realize until after I got the game that it is an import version. The CD key states asia pacific. I have not installed or registered it because I'm not sure if...
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    Buying HL2 used. Can you still play it?

    As much as I would to purchase HL2. I not into paying $50.00 for a game. I usually will buy my games used off of ebay for half the price. But HL2 is online activated, can you still install and play a...
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    Re: XP-90 now available from BestByte for $34.00

    Shipping should be $5.00 flat rate.
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    Anyone have the Aspire X-Navigator?

    This is the case

    Was wondering if the front panel has clearance for this fan controller.

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    XP-90 now available from BestByte for $34.00

    I believe they have the best price for it.
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    Re: Monarch Computer ...CPU Prices? What Gives?

    Check with ZZF they have the 3500+ for $290.00. I'm still waiting for Monarch to lower thier price on the 3200+ retail. Last week it was $215 now it's $216. ZZF has them for $199 but I will get taxed...
  25. Re: Anybody know when the Winchester Retail versions will be available?

    Monarch is still selling the OEM's for more or equal as the retail versions that others offer. Wonder why they don't have the retail versions since they are an AMD launch partner. I would have...
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