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  1. Re: Ivy Bridge-E pricing announced... upgrade worthy?

    I believe there won't be an X89 chipset for IBE. So you will have to stick to X79 for 4820. Performance wise the improvement is similar to the difference between S1155 Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge....
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    Re: Haswell i7 4770 vs Sandy Bridge-E i7 3820

    Haswell-E will incorporate DDR4 IMC. I believe the price of DDR4 will be very high initially just like when DDR3 was first launched. So the overall cost of a Haswell-E system will be even more...
  3. Re: Getting warning on boot of ASUS P4P 800 deluxe MB..fried?

    10 years of use, not bad.

    Since the CPU is a socket 478 P4, your only best bet will be another 865/875 chipset based motherboard.
  4. Re: How Many Of You will Be Making The Move To Haswell?

    I agree. My rig is mostly used for work with some casual gaming (Civ 5, Starcraft 2, emulators) and i5 760 + GTX560Ti are plenty fast. I believe the main performance difference between my wife's rig...
  5. Re: How Many Of You will Be Making The Move To Haswell?

    Already upgraded. I've given the new rig to my wife (she always gets the best). Yesterday I put a 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD in her rig (haven't updated my sig yet). Combining Haswell with SSD, it's...
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    Re: What TIM to use on a new processer?

    Arctic Cooling MX-3 and later MX-4 here
  7. Re: Anyone still have their old AMD XP's around? What have you done with yours?

    I had a XP2100 Tbred and a XP3000 Barton. Sold both of them before their value had depreciated to single digit.
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    Re: HW to build a 2008 or 2012 server

    For educational practice, you can try out either server 2008 or 2012 on a VM rather than real hardware.

    However if you must have it installed on a real box, use one with as much RAM as you can...
  9. Poll: Re: GTX 680: Who's got one/Getting one? real world results

    Even though GTX680 is more power efficient than 7970 and priced lower, it's still too much for what I can afford. Waiting for GTX660.
  10. Thread: End of an era

    by Parn

    Re: End of an era

    The two Abit boards I had include a BE6 (440BX) and a NF7-S v2.0 (nforce2). Both of them had performed flawlessly until they were sold on Ebay.

    Sad to see them disappearing completely.
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    Re: Uses for gigabit ports on a switch

    Layer 3 switch is pretty much a router except it doesn't come with WAN ports and some of its routing logics are implemented using fixed path hardware instead of software.

    Things like Link...
  12. Thread: Sandy Bridge E

    by Parn

    Re: Sandy Bridge E

    considering that Ivy bridge will be launched Q1 2012, there is no need for me to get Sandy Bridge E which is a power hungery and expensive platform.
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    Re: Intel chipset flaw in Sandybridge rollout

    Bleeding edge makes customers bleed. Never jump onto the new tech too quickly.
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    Re: GTS450 vs Quadro NVS290

    Yes, Quadro NVS 290 only consumes about 21W of power and is passively cooled. This is considerably less than the 106W of GTS450.

    However NVS 290 is based on the G86 chip which is 2 generations...
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    Re: GTS450 vs Quadro NVS290

    The Quadro is meant for workstations whereas Geforce is for gaming. I believe the driver for Quadro is not as optimized for D3D as ForceWare.

    If you are buying this for home PC, get the Geforce.
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    Re: Nvidia GTX 580 specs leaked ?

    It's good to hear that Nvidia do have somthing to keep themselves competitive against AMD HD6000 series.

    However personally I'm more interested in a fully enabled GF104 product than the power...
  17. Thread: A8N32-SLI No Post

    by Parn

    Re: A8N32-SLI No Post

    I had similar issue with this exact same board before (in my case there was no beep even when the CPU and ram were not installed). Turned out to be a defective BIOS chip.

    If you find someone who...
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    Re: Intel stock heat sink retention method?

    Agreed. IMO the AMD stock heatsink mounting mechanism is far more superior to the Intel one. I was also shocked by the poor design from Intel when I got my Q6600 after I had been using AMD for a long...
  19. Thread: 7800GS artifacts

    by Parn

    Re: 7800GS artifacts

    Two possible issues I can think of:

    1. the GDDR3 memory chips on your 7800GS are failing

    2. motherboard AGP slot is damaged (since you mentioned it produced unusual noises)
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    Re: ATI vs nVidea drivers?

    I've been using cards from both brands for a while. Overall I have to give my vote to Nvidia drivers.

    AMD drivers while much better than before always contain small stability bugs such as...
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    Re: Graphics Card + MB match

    As long as the board has a single PCI-E x16 slot, it will support both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards regardless what chipset is on it.

    For Xfire any Intel or AMD chipset based boards that have...
  22. Re: Anyone here using a Geforce GTS 450 to play Counter-Strike Source at 2560x1600?

    I've tried DOD Source with a GTS450 on 1680x1050. The FPS ranged from 70-150. This is with 4x MSAA (internal game setting).
  23. Re: Caviar Green 1.5TB trouble, now Caviar Black trouble.

    Having two HDDs developing faults in such a short timeframe is rare.

    Have you tried with a different SATA cable or another SATA port on your board by any chance?

    Regarding WD RMA process...
  24. Re: Intel using scratch off cards for software CPU upgrades

    These are for people buying off-the-shelf Dell, HP, etc. PCs. Anyone who knows how to swap a CPU will not take the bait.

    Wondering whether someone will hack the software and make it work with the...
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    Re: If you have a case with bottom mounted PSU ...

    The Antec TPT650 PSU in my server has been bottom mounted with its fan facing up for 2 years inside a Lian-LI PC-A70A case. Never had anything falling into it.
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