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    Re: Expired Vehicle Registration

    Here in CT., a vehicle can't be registered unless it"s insured, and can't be insured unless its registered. Driving an unregistered vehicle, if you get caught can result in rather a large fine, and...
  2. Re: Any Upgrade Solution?: Old Computer, Streaming Flash, BOINC

    depending on the motherboard you have, maybe a cpu upgrade is possible.You can still find a few 3000 3200 cpus around IF your board will support them. Try and find out what MFG or model# you have
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    Re: Ah! The good 'ole days!

    Note the position of the woman.... on her knees:jaw: an ad like that now days would definitely be a lawsuit:D
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    Re: new PSU for old system?

    Most all the 24 pin psus have the last 4 pins removable, so ordering one shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure you have enough molex connectors, as newer psus have sata connectors instead, and have...
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    Re: OEM system builder software.

    You can replace the "defective" motherboard, and it will probably require a phone call to reactivate the os. Try activating over the internet first, as lately, most activate right from there.
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    Re: The H0t Babes Bar [56k Be Warned]

    GOOD GOD!!!! Lunch AND supper!!:D :jaw:
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    Re: The H0t Babes Bar [56k Be Warned]

    yeah and even windex don't get that stickey stuff off the monitor.... uhhh somebody else told me that:D
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    Re: intermitent freezin

    If the cpu has never been serviced, remove the hsf and regrease the cpu. Freezes can sometimes be caused by an overheated cpu, but at 5 yrs+ it's probably a good shot the caps are garbage. I just had...
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    Re: Chiropractor

    Find yourself a good one, and latch right on to him. A chiropractor is worth his weight in gold. One other thing, get checked for sleep apnea. I know it sounds stupid, but if you have it, you can...
  10. Re: What's this "Flux Capacitor" I keep hearing about?

    Check out Ebay. there's a slightly used DElorean,complete with a flux cap installed. rumor has it, it's the one from Back To The Future. :D
  11. Re: I bought something I may not be able to use.

    I would keep a close eye on my account, as this seems like an old bait and switch scam. They could debit your account with a "corrected" price, that being the $250+ You could get your money back, but...
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    Re: 2010 Taurus WOW

    That's old school oil running thru those veins:D now of course, if you were talking a new Challenger....
  13. Re: Auto Body Paint Maintainence.. Garage Kept vs Car Cover vs Regular Maintainence

    There's lots of good quality wax out there,just spend a little time, and you can find some pretty good stuff. One wax I found at an Ocean State Job Lot store was amazing,just 2 apps n a year, and...
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    Re: Happy 1st Anniversary Ryan, Kelly!

    Congrats, you made it past the first year. From here on in, its mac and cheese for only 3 days a week instead of 5. jk :D
  15. Re: I bought something I may not be able to use.

    That is a HEX drive, while most others are square drive. You should be able to find a hex to square drive adapter in the size you need. Lots of industrial tools are made squirrelly like that, to cut...
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    Re: RIP Billy Mays

    Hated those commercials, with thier 200% volume increase whenever they came on.Maybe the Shamwow guy will take over
  17. Re: Anyone ever convert a car from points to electronic ignition?

    Lots of conversion kits available, or you can just pull a hei distributor from a later model Olds with the same size motor. If you do that, it's just a matter of running a good 12volt feed wire to th...
  18. Re: do they actually fix things when they refurb them?

    Refurb can mean more than one thing, but usually means USED, and checked out, or a new defective piece that's been repaired.I've bought some refurb stuff over the years, and generally,I've had pretty...
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    Re: Please Recommend a Good Movie

    Eagle Eye, a fast action scifi thriller about a Government owned AI computer
  20. Re: how little do you have to make to get food stamps?

    It depends on several factors, not just how much you make. It also depends on where you live ,wether you are single or married, gross household income, etc. The only way to really know, is to...
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    Re: Bend Over!!!!!!

    Last time someone said bend over to me, he was snapping on the ole latex gloves.:D
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    Re: Man I'm old :(

    Chuck E Cheese? OMG! You DIDN't eat the food did ya?
  23. Re: Obama passing new law to allow searching of PC's, Laptops, and media devices

    Ever completely read the Microsoft EULA? That gives MS the right to access any PC that is running a MS operating system. Privacy? that went the way of the wind many many years ago. The Gestopo even...
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    Re: 'ruptcy for GM? Chrysler?

    Bankruptcy might not be such a good idea, especially for the hundreds of little Cos that supply GM and Chrysler. If they don't get paid, there will be a huge bunch of people unable to get paid for...
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    Re: Man I'm old :(

    30 is at least a thousand cases of brew and 50 broads away. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ;) :D
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