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    Re: 4790K is a paper launch?

    A few months ago, I was all setup to buy all the parts for a new system from Newegg. I've bought stuff from Newegg before and I never really thought about looking around much. Then just as I was...
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    Re: Old timer comes home (new username)

    One way to pull it off is to get old... Get sick, make the government give you emergency Medicaid coverage, and then file for emergency Disability coverage. Once they toss you into a rehab center...
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    Re: AMD gets their best engineer back

    Look at Windows 8.1... That was one mans vision, and you know how much it is a stinkin' pile...

    One person, can easily make or destroy a product.
  4. Re: Official Feedback Thread - Forums upgrade and style

    I have one request....

    For the web site, you allow an underscore in the name. But for the forums you do not. Can we somehow make my two logins the same name (PCPer login is Mark_GB) so that when...
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