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  1. Re: Buiilding New Computer - Help with CPU choice.

    The choice of CPU is very cut and dried for some, not so much for others. People are always going to sway you in the direction of their experiences. Take me, for example. I'm currently running an...
  2. Poll: Re: Are you planning to buy a 4K monitor for gaming soon?

    Perhaps if AMD were to send me a 4k display, and the graphics hardware I would need to run it, I can give you an unbiased opinion!
  3. Re: Interstellar Marines FREE on STEAM for 5 days!!

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out.
  4. Re: Saturday February 28 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #9

    Count me in! Hopefully for some Team Fortress 2 and Quake Live!
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    Re: MS Windows called and said.....

    I've seen this scam more than I care to admit.
    1. Microsoft has millions of customers around the globe. There is no way they are going to make phone calls to their customers to warn them of a virus....
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    Re: Why does everyone smoke cigarettes?

    You should be very happy that you don't understand the appeal of cigarettes. I was a smoker for many, many years. I was finally able to kick the habit, but the smell of a freshly lit cigarette will...
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