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    Re: What TIM to use on a new processer?

    I just used Arctic Cooling Mx-4 on a build.
  2. Re: Installing, new i5 processeor, thermal conductor paste still needed.....

    The stock HSF (heatsink/fan) has some good thermal paste or thermal material already on it. Here is a trick to help make sure that you have seated the HSF right. Mount the HSF on the board before you...
  3. Re: i5-3210M processor Vs i5-2450M processor

    If everything else is equal the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors will outperform the 2nd generation Intel Core processors by around 6% not counting the improvements to the IGP (Integrated...
  4. Re: Will I gain many fps upgrading my cpu?

    I have the Intel® Core™ i7-860 on my gaming system at home and if I were really looking to upgrade I wouldnt change the processor I would focus on a SSD. I work on a system with a SSD here at work...
  5. Re: replace sandybridge with ivybridge processor?

    It all comes down to the Bios and the laptop/manufacturer updating their board to support the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. We released the updated Bios to the board makers in early...
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    Re: Ivy Selling in China

    We do not sell any sooner in China than we do in the rest of the world. In most cases I would say you will find that they are selling an ES (engineering sample) processors or junk.

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    Re: Sandy Bridge-E 3930K Shortage

    The Intel® Core™ i7-3930K is starting to roll out. Unfortunately the amount that we are starting to ship out still is below the number of processors that are backordered but with more coming out in...
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    Re: To build a new machine or not???

    Yes the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K would be the best value and performance processor for you. Since very few games can take advantage of more then 4 threads and those that do give very little advantage...
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    Re: i7-2960XM vs. i7-2860QM

    I didnt say that I agreed with it just that here is the information on it. :D

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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    Re: i7-2960XM vs. i7-2860QM

    The differences between these two processors really come down to 200MHz as you can see here. But there is one other thing that isn't listed on our site and that is that the Intel® Core™ i7-2960XM...
  11. Re: CPU News for November??? Need an update.

    Our current business plan is called Tick/Tock. This plan is designed so that every other year we release a new microarchitecture this is a Tick. On the off years we do a die shrink and that is the...
  12. Re: Help finding the right cpu for Dell Latitude D610?

    Ok the Dell Latitide D610 is using the Intel® Pentium® M 750 with the 915GM chipset. Supported processors for this chipset could be found here . Now Dell may have changed or not updated the Bios for...
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    Re: is i2500k stock cooler any good?

    While the stock cooler on the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K is fairly quite and will let you overclock with a little bit. We advise that if you are going to overclock that you look at getting a good 3rd...
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    Re: Whats this? SB EE processor?

    You guys wouldn’t believe some of the people I have talked to over the years, including one guy who wants a system that is as powerful of IBM’s Big Blue to play chess with. He doesn’t care how much...
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    Re: Best processor

    For me there are a couple things that play into the title "best". Value, performance, power, and the ability to do the job all play into it what it takes to earn the title best. Right now the "best"...
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    Re: Best CPU for $125?

    Thanks guys and no I am not much of an AMD fan but I am also not an AMD hater. I respect AMD because they drive us to make better processors.

    With a H61, H67, Q67, or Z68 board you can tap into...
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    Re: Best CPU for $125?

    For $125 I would have to go with the Intel® Core™ i3-2100, of course I would try to save $10 more and go with the Intel Core i3-2105 which has the Intel HD 3000 Graphics for back up graphics.
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    Re: Intel Duo COre 2 Conroe and Wolfdale

    Here is a nice looked at the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E8600 and the Intel Core I5 2500K and how they stack up against each other In the end there is huge...
  19. Re: h67 motherboar with pcie x16 card????

    I am glad that found out what the issue was. I know in the past on some of our boards that the moment that you placed a card in the PCI-e that it did disable the on board graphic so I assumed that...
  20. Re: h67 motherboar with pcie x16 card????

    I believe that it is a feature of the H67 boards that when a card is placed in the PCI-e x16 slot that it automatically disables the on-board/on processor graphics. So the best advice is to move it...
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    Re: Intel i7-990X

    Unless you are doing some very heavy multi-threaded work (like video editing) I would advise you to go with 2nd generation Intel® Core™ I7 2600K. It provides great performance and the ability to...
  22. Re: Whats the stock hs fan like on the i5 2500k?

    At this site there is a picture of the heatsink that is coming with the Intel® Core™ I7 2600K (I am using it and it works well if you are not overclocking.)...
  23. Re: INTEL workstation S975XBX2 max internal HD storage

    The last time I knew of a hard drive size limit on any of our boards was back on the Intel® 815, 845 and maybe the 865 chipset based boards but we released some software called Intel Application...
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    Re: SSD Question

    I am using an Intel® Solid State Drive X25-M 80GB and totally love it. I am getting around a 20 second boot time with my system based around the Intel Core™ I7 2600K. I will never go back to not...
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    Re: info on new build 2600k and borad

    Most likely by mid-March there will be the new Intel® H67 and P67 based board at resellers. All of these boards will have a “B3” designation on the end of the part #. This will show that the boards...
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