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    Re: USB drive drained?

    Sounds like your partition table is corrupted. Have you tried installing a fresh copy of windows on it and see what the partition screen shows you after you delete all the partitions? I bet there...
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    Re: Any idea what these really old PC parts are?

    The first empty/plain ones are known as breadboards for circuit designers. Essentially blank canvases for electronic engineering. The last couple boards are from the manufacturing process that...
  3. Re: Having to restart twice to get Windows 10 to boot to desktop?

    Try turning off that fast boot option, and see if it helps. Fast boot leaves a little bit of garbage in ram and sometimes its best to just clear it out before the OS starts.
  4. Having to restart twice to get Windows 10 to boot to desktop?

    There is a double boot issue with some Windows 10 machines. I've uncovered this on 2 computers so far and there is a simple fix. It seems the quick boot option leaves some garbage in RAM and causes...
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    Re: Internet security for 80 year old dad.

    I just rolled out the free version of Avast on a small business network after removing Kaspersky because it had expired. So far, all has gone smoothly. Pointing out the obvious, but the forums have...
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    Re: World of War Ships

    Been a regular player for over a year now. I've worked my way up to Bismarck - Tier 8. Haven't spent a cent on the in game content and only play bots because the rounds go so much faster. I'm on a...
  7. Re: Computer doesn't always start when powered on

    Sounds like you got it narrowed down. Power supply is probably your culprit. And as Btdog suggested checking caps, you can do the same for the power supply by removing the shell or looking through...
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    Re: MS strong arm policy

    Shout out to the Anti MS BS crews finding a work around. Like I said, I sure hope MS gets beat up over this.
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    Re: Ethernet problem.

    Do you have any other computers that you can hardwire to your modem and see if it exhibits the same issues? It sounds like a routing issue either your modem is corrupting your DNS cache or your...
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    Re: First post and new build!

    Looks like a first class build all the way and welcome to the forums. Kinda slow around here, but lots of very good information and very helpful people. I am truly amazed at the knowledge some of...
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    Re: MS strong arm policy

    Fear Not Brother! There are forces at work(programmers) who are designing workarounds for the nonsense MS is trying to unleash. I just caught a glimpse of the article today, and I am hoping that...
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    Windows 10 Creators Edition Upgrade.

    So far, after 3 early installs of this upgrade, I am happy to report no issues. I started the installs from a link in the Windows update screen. Each machine took about 45 minutes and about 6...
  13. Re: i7-7700k Gaming Build... thoughts? And some questions.

    Power supply might be cutting it on the tight side. Your video card alone says it needs 220W, and that just leaves you with 400W for everything else and the I7 gonna eat a bunch of that too.
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    Re: Suggestions for a good M.2 SSD

    Be careful looking at low end m.2 drives. The Read/Writes of really good m.2 drives are about 2400/1600MBytes, the low end m.2 are just SSD basically uncovered with read/writes in the 500/300MBytes...
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    Media Creation Tool from MS for Windows 10.

    Just a short note on those of you who use this tool on an infrequent basis. Even though the tool still states you need a flash drive with 4GB of free space, the latest download has now ballooned to...
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    Re: Taming Windows 10.

    As Grumpyboy stated, you can disable Cortana. HowToGeek has a nice writeup on this process by editing registry or using their reg hack. I'll try this too and see if anything unusual occurs.
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    Re: Move OS to SSD, who's done it?

    Just did this for a customer recently and it went without a hitch. Customer agreed to letting me image all 4 workstations using Acronis True image just in case. During my initial imaging, one...
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    Poll: Re: Smart Phone, What do you use?

    iphone 6, I get my kids hand me downs.....:biggrin:
  19. Re: not sure what to upgrade next, i have no goals

    For gaming, I think your CPU if not overclocked, is holding back your video card somewhat. I5/I7 is the only upgrade I see at the moment. I still game heavily on my I3 but I have it OC'd to 4GHz to...
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    Re: To PRO or not to PRO

    1. Pro is designed for Active Directory Domain / security stuff or you want all the bells and whistles. Home just won't support the domain security stuff and a few other items. I got the free...
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    Re: Router not working properly.

    I'll take a stab at this and see if you make any progress.
    From my experience, I see lots of router issues going from their 2nd year on just because of age. But try some of these out and see if any...
  22. Re: Is Microsoft intentionally sabotaging Wndows Update?

    Don't give up yet---things to do here if have some free time and you want to try:
    Disable software firewalls
    Run MSConfig and disable most of the startup items like AV software, online backups,...
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    More Windows 10 update woes.....FYI.

    Recently ran into a laptop issue where the customer's laptop had all the USB ports locked down and unable to add new devices. Tried various port settings, the printer would try to install but error...
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    Re: No boot no POST sounds

    Not likely the CPU, very rarely do they go bad unless you mess up the HSF seating. Most likely your motherboard. One quick visual is look for capacitors that are bulging or leaking a brown goo....
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    Re: I'm stumped and need guidance.

    It really sounds like the anniversary update hosed the PC. I have been dealing with this for several weeks now and have most of my customers running again. By reinstalling, you may have rolled back...
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