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  1. Re: Exciting times ahead for GPUs in 2016... finally some big performance improvement

    Both nVidia and AMD will use HBM 2 in their 2016 flagship graphics cards.
    Currently, AMD is using HBM 1 in their Fury X card.

    Because AMD helped develop HBM memory, they will have 'priority...
  2. Exciting times ahead for GPUs in 2016... finally some big performance improvements :)

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on what 2016 will bring :) (skip down to below the line if you're too lazy to read it all)
    It seems that 2016 will finally be the year that we get a nice large...
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    Re: I finally ordered it

    Wow.... those numbers are insanely fast :)
    My 9600GT (only 64 Cuda cores) takes about 1800 seconds to make 130 credits (SETI@home).... however, as slow as it is... it is about 10x faster than a...
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    Re: Did we lose another member????

    I've just come back too but have been having hardware/software problems, so I've stopped crunching just as I started again. However today I started again and hopefully everything is sorted out.
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    Re: The Boinc Bar!

    Good day to everyone :)

    To cut a long story short... I'll be upgrading my CPU from an Athlon x2 6000+ (Brisbane) to an Athlon II x4 635 (2.9Ghz).
    Hopefully it will be based on the Deneb core...
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    Re: The Boinc Bar!

    Happy 4th July to all those who celebrate it :yay:

    Oh by the way... how do I avoid making multiple BOINC accounts when I enter various projects (actually I am referring to the cross project...
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    Re: The Boinc Bar!

    Hi everyone. I haven't been here for quite a while, but I've reinstalled BOINC and am back in the fight :)

    Apart from crunching on my Athlon 6000+, I've managed to get my integrated ATI graphics...
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    Windows 7 + nForce LAN BSOD

    Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone knows a solution to this problem.

    I'm not lazy... after trying to find a solution on the internet for a few days (and installing windows a few times), I've...
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    Re: 9850 Available @ Newegg! :)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you really want to run a top-of-the-line AMD CPU properly, and overclock it as well, shouldn't you be using a top-of-the-line motherboard: meaning something with an...
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    Re: hard drive age

    My 2 cents...
    I assume that the life of the hard drive would be significantly better, but I think it will "age" somewhat. Make sure you place it in an anti-static bag, keep away from magnetic fields...
  11. Re: x2 5000+ black edition OC... suggestions please

    I think that those temperature readings are incorrect, and that something needs to be updated to get more accurate results.

    The reason is as follows:

    Unless you are using a high end water...
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    Re: is VISTA 64-bit fine for gaming?

    As I understand it, Windows XP sees about 3.2GB of RAM.
    However, there is something else to consider. Windows Vista 32 bit uses more RAM than XP does. Vista 64 bit uses even more.

    What I am...
  13. This is why I will NEVER buy another Creative product again

    I signed up just to post a comment.

    It is totally unacceptable that Creative is doing this.

    They purposely cripple thier drivers for...
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    Re: Is AMD Virtually Skipping 65nm for 45nm?

    Does anybody know why AMD has not yet released an X2 Phenom, when it will be released, at what speeds? (I searched Google with no luck).
    Also, what is the main factor for not being able to get...
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    Re: native quad core vs non-native

    In my opinion, there is only one thing that is important when looking to buy a CPU, and it has nothing to do with the following:

    Clock speed in Mhz
    number of cores
    native vs fused...
  16. Re: Athlon 5200+ (F3) vs 5000+ BE (G2) vs mysetup ?

    The bios setting I use is 1.35V and CPU-Z says I am at 1.392V.

    Just for the record, the Athlon that I have right now is an F2 stepping.
  17. Athlon 5200+ (F3) vs 5000+ BE (G2) vs mysetup ?

    I currently have an X2 4200+ overclocked to 2.8Ghz with the stock cooler.

    I want to upgrade the CPU without spending too much money, and I do not want to spend money on extra cooling.

  18. Re: Core 2 Duo E6420 vs E6850 vs E8400 Crysis Benchmark?

    If you want better performance in Crysis, I think you would be better off going SLI with a second 8800GT, than with a CPU upgrade.

    If you must upgrade your CPU for whatever reason, take a look at...
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    Re: be-2300 running too hot

    33-38 seems just fine for a dual core chip.

    63C is hot (my temps with a 4200+ @ 2.8Ghz - under load)
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    Re: Framerates at 1920x1200 vs 1680x1050

    If you are buying a new system, an Intel quad core is the better choice. The slowest Intel Core 2 Quad is 2.66Ghz, which is significantly faster than any current AMD phenom, or future phenom to come...
  21. Re: Another 9600GT vs 8800GT question... with a small twist

    I don't know exactly how relevant this is, but it is a similar example from the past.

    When it was first released, the 8600GT was slower than the 7600GT in basically all benchmarks. As time went...
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    nVidia GeForce 9800GTX Benchmarks Arrive

    I was browsing the net when I found the following review of the 9800GTX:...
  23. Re: got a phenom 9500 for 170ish faster than my 2.6ghz opt?

    Unfortuneatlely it isn't always that simple. Splitting up the workload into two roughly equal parts can be done relatively easily, but getting a game to utilize all four cores equally is quite hard....
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    Re: Is AMD Virtually Skipping 65nm for 45nm?

    Another mistake AMD made was not making a 65nm Athlon X2 with 2 x 1MB cache. At the moment they only have 2 x 512KB with 65nm. Neoanderthal, I agree. I am also wondering where the new dual core chips...
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    Re: Is AMD Virtually Skipping 65nm for 45nm?

    Maybe not everyone likes the style of writing I used for this post, so I will ask two simple questions:

    When will AMD release a CPU that has significantly better gaming performance than the 6400+...
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